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Brooklyn 70s rockers The Golden Grass premiere new single »A Peculiar Situation«; new album »Life Is Much Stranger« out April 7th on Heavy Psych Sounds

New York heavy rockers The Golden Grass premiere the third single »A Peculiar Situation« off their upcoming full-length album, »Life Is Much Stranger«, set to release on April 7th, 2023 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

01. Howlin
02. Springtime On Stanwoods
03. Island In Your Head
04. 100 Arrows
05. Not Without Its Charm
06. The Answers Never Know
07. A Peculiar Situation

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

Brooklyn-based 70s heavy rockers The Golden Grass teamed up with Shindig! Magazine to present the third single taken from their new album »Life Is Much Stranger«, to be issued on April 7th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

About new single »A Peculiar Situation«, The Golden Grass says: “Closing out “Life Is Much Stranger”, the song summarizes all this strangeness. »A Peculiar Situation« finds the band somewhat back in “downer” territory – Can we trust that person in our personal orbit? Do we even recognize them anymore? We may be more inclined to keep to ourselves in this “new normal”, but are we ever really by ourselves when the devil knows where we hide? But, as with all the other songs in this body of work, this peculiar situation is not without some light to be found if we’re willing to get to know each other again. It’s easier said than done but The Golden Grass point the way forward. They’re in the corner of your eye but their love for you is going to take you by surprise. The music, divided up and driven by angular, unsettling riffs, some intentionally atonal musical play, and time/key shifts, sets the scene for this odd new territory we have to reckon with. The choruses allow for an opportunity to settle into some funky, upbeat territory before vanishing into the beyond with one final mysterious howling coda that is more of a question mark than a full stop. Come dig »A Peculiar Situation« and let us ring your chimes.”

»Life Is Much Stranger« is the mind-blowing fourth studio album from NYC heavy rock trio The Golden Grass, standing tall and wild and towering above their entire discography. It is a massive sonic adventure, a post-modern collage of rock’n’roll ideology, swelling and bursting with hard, heavy and progressive musical energies: the past is inside the present, and The Golden Grass are moving the sound forward! It has always been their goal to connect the dots between their influences and reconcile disparate vintage ideas that perhaps never coexisted in their original place and time. To give life to a new artistic vision that synergizes them together like a warm blanket, both familiarly ancient and cosmically in the “now”. The Golden Grass concoct their magick brew and are able to conceptualize and materialize music in such a particular way that it screams timelessly from long ago, but could only happen in this very moment. Life is much stranger after all… Also listen to new singles »Springtime On Stanwoods« and »Howlin«!

The Golden Grass »Life Is Much Stranger« out April 7th on Heavy Psych Sounds: European pre-order // US pre-order

Hard and heavy, swinging, progressive boogie rock: that’s The Golden Grass! This NYC power trio embodies the glory of harmony-filled, catchy and tough rock n roll of the 60s/70s! But these boys are no revisionists! They are post-modern collagists, connecting the dots between heavy glam rock boogie, jazzy psychedelia, stompin’ proto-metal, bluesy prog rock and southern hard rock! They weave a new and now sonic tapestry, a linear and logical aural narrative that pushes beyond and delivers a show-stopping feel-good golden sound that is needed in these dark times! Formed in 2013, the band has released an impressive discography on esteemed underground labels such as Svart Records, Electric Assault Records, Listenable Records and Who Can You Trust? Records.

In the fall of 2022, the group worked with a team of engineers across three studios in NYC, and when they emerged with a finished product, the bizarre and strange events of the previous 3 years all melted into a perfect picture, a complete totality, crystal clear, wholly avant-garde and spellbinding! »Life Is Much Stranger« is an amalgamation of hard rock boogie, jazzy progressive rock, psychedelic exploration and incendiary proto-metal all bursting with soulful harmony-layered vocals, masterful instrumental technicality and an otherworldly creative ambition. Recommended for fans of Dust, Captain Beyond, The Pretty Things, Traffic, Highway Robbery…

The Golden Grass is:
Adam Kriney – Drums & Lead Vocals
Michael Rafalowich – Guitar & Lead Vocals
Frank Caira – Bass & Backing Vocals

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