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Byron premiere their debut album, »The Omega Evangelion«, out this Friday via Goatmancer Records

Finnish Lovecraftian heavy metal band Byron featuring former members of Church Of Void, Horna and Battlelore premiere their debut album »The Omega Evangelion« on YouTube through MrDoom666‘s channel. »The Omega Evangelion« is set to release this Friday, March 26, 2021 via Goatmancer Records.

01. Epilogue (Intro)
02. Through The Eye Of The Nightingale
03. Amalthea
04. Corn, Drought And The Lord
05. Oktober
06. Oasis Of Tranquillity
07. Night’s Watch
08. Over The Wall

Byron is a Finnish heavy metal band, which mixes its eclectic sound from NWOBHM to doom metal and back again to occult rock and stoner, topping it with themes and imagery of the arcane and the occult.

The band formed in 2019 as a one-man studio project, now standing as a full-grown band. Byron consists of long-term, competent musicians who’s history lies in doom and black metal, as in hard rock and other styles of metal.

During the pandemic months, Byron has recorded a full-lenght album and prepares for its release on March 26th, 2021 via Goatmancer Records.

Participants at »The Omega Evangelion« sessions were:
Johanna Eteläkari – Vocals
Christoffer Frylmark – Vocals
Jaakko Puusaari – Guitars
Jyri Vahvanen – Guitars
Johannes Laht – Bass, Guitar, Drums, Piano
Magus Corvus – Guest Vocals

Johannes aka Byron V. says: “I’m extremely happy and excited with the collaboration of Byron and Goatmancer Records. To finally be able to release the debut album through a trustworthy and respectful label elevates this band again into a new level and into the reach of wider audience it deserves. Working this together with professionals like Gero from Argonauta (caring all marketing and distribution) and Oleksander from Grand Sounds, I cannot expect more than quality service and dedication in pushing the band and its career onwards. Releasing »The Omega Evangelion« and hopefully get to play the songs live is a perfect start for this year.”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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