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Canadian psych rock duo Prosthetic Bung stream their debut full-length album »Mr. Neckofthewoods«, available now on CD, cassette and digital

Canadian psych rock duo Prosthetic Bung stream their debut full-length album, »Mr. Neckofthewoods«, which was just released on June 30th, 2023.

01. The Baffling Origin
02. Kneel Before The Council Of The Trees
03. Stumped
04. War Of The Woods
05. Finale In The Valley

Says the band: “The first full-length Prosthetic Bung album is here!

»Mr. Neckofthewoods« tells the bewildering tale of a magical decaying stump, and the great war with the evil Council of the Trees. Steffofthewoods and Zachofthewoods must unite with their strange pal, or the fate of the planet will fall into the wrong roots!

The album was fully improvised and recorded atop Mount Bung in a cloud of smoke in April. It features a wide variety of eclectic sounds including electric kazoo, monotron, analog tape effects and vintage synthesizers, to name a few…

»Mr. Neckofthewoods« will take you on a mind-numbing journey as you learn about his baffling origin, the War of the Woods, and ultimately, the Finale in the Valley.

Limited edition CDs and cassette tapes (ltd. to 30 copies each) available:”

Prosthetic Bung are a two-piece based near Toronto, Canada improvising chaotic psych / punk / noise rituals.

Improvised live in a cloud of smoke atop Mount Bung 4/20 – 4/29 MMXXIII.
Mixed & mastered at Mount Bung by Zachofthewoods.

Prosthetic Bung are:
Steffofthewoods – Lead/Rhythm Guitar (6 & 7 string), Electric Kazoo, Replicator, Monotron, Tape Collage, Megaphone, Lead Vocals
Zachofthewoods – Drums, Bass, Organ, MS-20, Monotron, Tape Collage, Backing Vocals, Lyrics

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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