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Canadian stoner/doom metal outfit Hempress releases their brand new two-track EP »Crimson Canvas«

Gatineau, Canada based stoner/doom metal outfit Hempress has just released their brand new two-track EP »Crimson Canvas« this Friday, April 14, 2023. »Crimson Canvas« is available now on all streaming platforms!

The band comments: “Surprise!!! »Crimson Canvas« is finally out!!! We couldn’t wait any longer, so it’s live on every platform 🤘🩸🔪 Take a seat, roll a phat one, and let yourself sink in the smokey haze, Satan Saves 😈”

01. Morning Mist
02. Crimson Canvas

Formed in Canada in the town of Gatineau, Québec. Hempress delivers heavy, brain melting bass/guitar riffs stuffed with psychedelic influenced lead parts. Lyrical topics going from extra terrestrial beings to murder and drugs, horror and the unknown. Hempress rises from the dead and walks through the smoke in the midst of the night.

Hempress is a self-managed band, their first record was recorded in a small studio engineered by Kurtis himself in a small downstairs apartment. Originally, 3 members of Hempress are recognized by the local scene as they were formally part of another band project that has unfortunately disband.

Photo by Megan Steeley

In March of 2020, the world was stricken by a global pandemic. This meant having the whole world to be confined, with nothing to do, confused and on the search of new practices. With Canada being a country which is now legal to purchase marijuana cannabis, it lead Kurtis to excessively induce himself to this mystical leaf. As he was gazing through his slumbered dreams, he envisioned a new chapter of his life.

He took his musical path down a different road, as he was writing new material, most of the time being under the influence, he unconsciously turned down the BPM, down tuned his guitar, cranked up his fuzz pedal and maximized his bass and guitar gain channel and that’s when he turned to stoner doom metal and Hempress was born.

Hempress is:
Kurtis Labelle – Guitar/Vocals
David Lamothe – Guitar
William Gunn – Bass
Jeffrey Ponce-Carré – Drums

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