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Canadian thrash/stoner metal band Iron Asparagus stream their debut EP »To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You!«

Canadian thrash/stoner metal band Iron Asparagus stream their debut EP, »To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You!«, which was just released on February 3rd, 2023.

01. To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You!
02. Orbitoclast
03. Mr. Molotov
04. Diamond In The Dirt

All songs written by Jonathan Savage.
Drums recorded at CinqLuce Studio.
Mixed by Adrian Popovich at Mountain Studio,
Mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Mastering Studio.
Visuals by Dory Popa.
Graphic design work by AKWA design.

Courtesy of The Metallist PR:

»To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You!« is the debut EP by the Montreal-based thrash/stoner metal act Iron Asparagus, following the two singles »Mr. Molotov« and »Diamond In The Dirt«, released at the end of 2022 and both included in the EP.

»To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You!« is a short work with an incendiary and sarcastic power. The name of the opener, which is also the title-track, already showcases a strong ironic content. By listening to the song, the first impression is that of being in front of a classic ‘80s thrash metal track, but reading the lyrics we realize that it is anything but, since the sarcasm is strong and the tone is flippant. If with »Orbitoclast« we have a kind of salute to Metallica’s thrash ballad »Sanitarium«, it is with »Mr. Molotov« that hues of stoner and sarcastic lyrics deliciously emerge again. In this song it is clear that our destinies have already been decided, or rather, predetermined, contrary to the freedom they want to convince us to have.

»Diamond In The Dirt« concludes the EP by moving away from the critical tone of the previous songs to question about “what we have to do to improve our world”. The answer is simply: cultivate and preserve our brilliance and uniqueness as human beings, because only in this way can we change the world for the better.

»To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You!« is not the usual thrash metal album. There are no nuclear wars, no zombies or gas masks here. The impression is that the Canadian band wants to challenge us by asking “Do you think we are really a thrash metal band?” The impression is that, if they had played any other genre, they would not have lost even a small part of their sarcasm and their irreverence.

Iron Asparagus, the most non-thrash metal band in the world, will release »To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You!« on February 3, 2023. Needless to say, as an independent band.

Iron Asparagus are:
Captain J. Savage – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Baritone, Bass
Julien Blais – Drums
Mikey Heppner – Lead Guitar
Joe Maheux – Lead Guitar

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