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Cardinals Folly and Purification stream their split album »Possessed In The Ritual Grove«, out now via Rafchild Records

Finnish heavy doom outfit Cardinals Folly and mysterious US doom metal trio Purification stream “doom split of the year”, called »Possessed In The Ritual Grove«, which was just released March 4th, 2022 via Rafchild Records.

01. Cardinals Folly – Law And Enlightenment
02. Cardinals Folly – The Second Seal
03. Cardinals Folly – Prince Prospero
04. Purification – 1st John 2:18 (King James Version)
05. Purification – The Crowning Mercy
06. Purification – Six Horn Cult Of The Sword
07. Purification – Adrianople (Suicide Morning)

From Rafchild Records:

The rustically snotty princes of Finnish heavy doom, Cardinals Folly, have kept carrying their torch of apocalyptic rock ‘n’ roll since 2007 with their tasty riffs, beautiful madness and uncompromisingly wild live performances. After their previous album »Defying The Righteous Way« provided a brutal break from all the conventionality and a bored smile towards strict categorisations, they have teamed up for a joint alliance with one of the finest new doom metal acts of the recent years for their best EP-length of songs so far.

Purification, the mysterious Oregon entity of pure doom metal, has wasted no time in releasing 4 excellent full-length albums within the last 2 years. From the raw and catchy »Destruction Of The Wicked« to their latest traditional-yet-original effort »The Exterminating Angel«, their level of god-given metal mastery combined with a funereal approach has deservedly taken the doom metal world by storm.

Two swords of truth arcing together at the gates of aural doom in deranged solidarity! Out on Rafchild Records March 4th, 2022.

Cardinals Folly’s side of the »Possessed In The Ritual Grove« split was hammered and nailed to the tape in Soundwell Studios, Espoo, 12th-13th of June, 2021.

Music by Mikko Kääriäinen & Juho Kilpelä.
Lyrics by Mikko Kääriäinen.
Arrangements by Cardinals Folly.
Mixed by Jani Snellman and Cardinals Folly.
Mastered by Juha Kapiainen at Harju Doom Church.

Cardinals Folly is:
Mikko – Bass, Vocals
Juho – Guitar
Joni – Drums

“Purification’s half of the Split with Cardinals Folly was performed at my behest by Grand Field Marshall William Purify and Count Darragh. The Resurrected Lord Donangato provided moral and spiritual support through these trying days, but does not play on this recording.

Recorded sporadically and in seclusion in Room 110, Old Scrap Metal Building, throughout Anno MMXXI (I honestly can’t remember when the actual recordings were done and don’t care to check. Maybe May or July, vocals late fall, guitars were finished at some point in early Autumn).” explains MWP.

All recordings engineered by MWP.
Mixed by Stephen Cline at Tiny Mr. Ferndale Studios.
Mastered by Stephen Cline at Tiny Mr. Ferndale Studios.

Purification (on this recordings) is:
Count Darragh – Drums
MWP – Everything Else

Cover artwork disfigured and executed by MWP, from the painting “The Sacred Grove” by Arnold Böcklin, 1886.

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