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Chilean doom rockers Condenados reveal new single and music video »Mi Maldición« taken from their upcoming album »El Camino de la Serpiente«

Chilean doom rock duo Condenados has revealed the second single and music video »Mi Maldición« taken from their upcoming full-length album, »El Camino de la Serpiente«, set to release on February 10th, 2023 via Evil Confrontation Records.

01. Alma Podrida
02. El Diablo
03. Condenados
04. Jinete Ácido
05. Mi Maldición
06. El Carro y la Torre
07. En el Templo
08. Humo Negro
09. La Mano del Destino
10. El Camino de la Serpiente
11. Tierra de Cementerio
12. Lucifer

Courtesy of Sure Shot Worx:

»Mi Maldición« is the second single of Condenados’ third album »El Camino de la Serpiente«, set to be released on February 10th 2023 through Evil Confrontation Records on CD and Digital.

You can check out the new video clip from these Chilean doom rockers here!

This song is inspired by the traditional sound of 70s blues rock, in the likes of Pappo, Días de Blues, Wicked Lady, Sir Lord Baltimore, Pentagram, with contemporary sound and concept.

Fernando Vidal, vocals and guitar player comments: “The lyrics in Spanish work on different levels of perception, just like this video clip does, since it deals with both boredom in the mundane life of a simple man, within a system in decay, and at the same time, it is a cry for light in the midst of darkness when referring to “the serpent”, an esoteric symbol that represents the true essence of inner knowledge. This snake emerges from its lethargy to its ecstasy as the music changes until it becomes a powerful song of physical and spiritual liberation.”

Drummer Matias Moreno comments: “This video clip is a journey through what is known as “the dark night of the soul”, the final twist that any person who wants to become self-aware must experience. This internal process called “The work of the shadows” is defined as becoming fully aware of our inner darkness to finally experience the final death of the ego trap that stands between what you think you are and what you really are. In the words of the master Carl Gustav Jung “It is not possible to awaken consciousness without pain. People are capable of doing anything, however absurd it may seem, to avoid facing their own soul. No one illuminates by imagining figures of light, but by making their darkness conscious. For me, the mind has always been a fascinating subject and from there emerges this concept that mixes regular life reality, internal mental conflict and a subconscious abstract world. Regarding the production itself, everything is 100% handmade with great friends help who have accompanied us at different times in our lives, it is a very special and personal video for us.”

Fernando Vidal adds: “Trying to capture the different mental planes in a video clip is not easy, and if this tries to capture a feeling within a song it becomes even more complex, however, in this videoclip we made it possible, this is the journey towards the deepest human darkness where all the animal and visceral forces that makes us human lie. At the same time, we showcase the materialistic human face in relation to the lyrics. The inspiration comes from the experiences with life itself, from a deep reflection that makes the trip become more and more intense until reaching the climax that goes according to the music itself. It is an invitation to enter the depths of the human psyche, leaving all fears behind.”

Condenados is an incendiary mixture of 70s heavy rock and proto heavy metal that generates intense emotions among the fans of the most dense and visceral sound. Their first two albums (»A Painful Journey Into Nihil« 2011 & »The Tree Of Death« 2017) transit through epic and wraparound trails on one side and obscure and direct on the other, while in this brand new record the band welcomes a new duo line-up and a refreshing heavy rocking sound sung in Spanish that feels unmistakenly South American with an angry, but precise vibe not heard in many bands.

Cover artwork by The Comtesse.

Fernando Vidal – Vocals, Guitar
Matias Moreno – Drums, Bass

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