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Chinese label SloomWeep Productions unleash two volumes compilation »Stonedchine​: ​Chinese Stoner​/​Sludge​/​Doom​/​HeavyPsych Musick Collection«

Chinese label SloomWeep Productions has just unleashed two volumes compilation »Stonedchine​: ​Chinese Stoner​/​Sludge​/​Doom​/​HeavyPsych Musick Collection« on May 22nd, 2023. »Stonedchine​« features tracks from Alpaca, Ramblin’ Roze, Apollo 20, HallucinGod, Rude Gove, BanyanRiver and more.

»Stonedchine​: ​Chinese Stoner​/​Sludge​/​Doom​/​HeavyPsych Musick Collection Vol​.​1«

01. Alpaca – Drown
02. Alpaca – Jauria
03. Ramblin’ Roze – Mountain Of The Dead (Remaster)
04. Ramblin’ Roze – Escape
05. Rude Gove – Save My Soul
06. Rude Gove – Yeti
07. SPAWN – Meditation In An Evil Temple (Collection)
08. The Hermit – Kill Bill (Collection)

»Stonedchine​:​ Chinese Stoner​/​Sludge​/​Doom​/​HeavyPsych Musick Collection Vol​.​2«

01. Apollo 20 – My Pet Depression
02. Apollo 20 – Endless Parade
03. BanyanRiver – The Ghost Of Temptation Still Haunts On Me
04. BanyanRiver – All Is One
05. HallucinGod – Go Space
06. HallucinGod – Marijuaua Desert

In October 2011, 13Club, Beijing, Never Before played the first-ever stoner doom show in the Chinese mainland. In the next decade or so, bands popped up one after another, such as Alpaca, King Of Lazy, S.H.A.S., Electric Lady, Ramblin’ Roze, Basement Queen, Banyan River, Rude Gove, Demon & Eleven Children, HallucinGod, Desert Boogie Dorama, and Crater, to just name a few, all have been regularly playing shows, some of them have even released many high-quality works. In the meanwhile, some new music from nascent outfits has been under rehearsal and production. Stoner rock/sludge metal/doom metal/heavy psych has become a distinct yet niche music scene that burns and shines steadily in China.

The tracks included in this compilation are, in a broader sense, stoner rock/sludge metal/doom metal/heavy psych, by bands comprised of Chinese people or foreign expats who live in China, or by bands whose members are mainly Chinese and write music in Chinese. Some of the works here may not have proficient songwriting, but the sincerity atones for its flaws. The purpose of making this collection is to promote and commemorate. If someone can find the melody that speaks to them and guides them to the band, then our goal is achieved.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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