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Danish melodic doom/death metal veterans Saturnus release new single »Breathe New Life«; »The Storm Within« out June 16th via Prophecy Productions

Danish melodic doom/death metal veterans Saturnus have released the third and final single »Breathe New Life« taken from their forthcoming studio album, »The Storm Within«, due out on June 16th, 2023 via Prophecy Productions.

01. The Storm Within
02. Chasing Ghosts
03. The Calling
04. Even Tide
05. Closing The Circle
06. Breathe New Life
07. Truth

Courtesy of Prophecy Productions:

Danish doom death stalwarts Saturnus release the third and final single »Breathe New Life« from their forthcoming album »The Storm Within«, which comes out on June 16, 2023.

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“What was broken can never be fixed, but that pain at the same time can lead to hope. Hope that will let the blood rush back in and let us run to new paths leading to our truth. Peace remains idle and depicted as some kind of utopian dream, taking you to a state of mind where eternity is the only choice and your last breath is the key to open the very first door of a new chapter to come. »Breathe New Life« is a heavier and more solid musical statement, with driving verses and anthemic choruses embracing everyone’s souls and hearts. This was the first song to be written for »The Storm Within« and it can be seen that Saturnus was back and ready for more!”

The title of Saturnus’ fifth album, »The Storm Within« is hinting at both, the tempest of the natural world and turmoil that can rage inside the mind. It is also quite obvious that the long time it took the Danes to create this full-length and the personal reasons behind the hiatus very much contributed and inspired its artistic expression. Saturnus have outdone themselves with »The Storm Within«. The musical themes of the seas, rain, and stormy waters are a subtle presence and guiding thread throughout the songs that reflect anger, loss, melancholy, and pain in equal measure. The fully matured craftsmanship on this album is sublime and extremely dynamic, ranging from moments of calm to brutal outbursts.

Working again with producer Flemming Rasmussen, the legendary Danish producer of Metallica’s classic albums, also ensured that the sound of »The Storm Within« matches its outstanding musical quality. Saturnus came into being when singer Thomas A.G. Jensen started looking for fellow musicians in the area of Denmark’s capital Copenhagen to form a death metal act in 1991. Following a number of changes during the next few years, the name was finally switched to Saturnus in 1993.

The band released their first album »Paradise Belongs To You« in January 1997 and were immediately invited to perform at the famous Roskilde Festival the same year. The show was recorded by Norwegian Radio (NRK) and ended up being broadcast all over Scandinavia, which firmly established the band as a death doom household name in Northern Europe. Following their sophomore album »Martyre« (2000) and the iconic third studio full-length »Veronika Decides To Die« as well as constant touring throughout Europe and increasingly beyond, »Saturn In Ascension« was released in 2012, which was once again produced by Flemming Rasmussen.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Saturnus got back on the roads of Europe and also performed at prestigious festivals such as Brutal Assault (CZ), Copenhell (DK), and ArtMania (RO) among many others. The Danes continued touring with occasional breaks from 2014 until 2017, which got them as far as Russia and to the Middle East.

After several notable changes in the line-up, Saturnus were joined by guitarists Indee Rehal-Sagoo (formerly Clouds and Eye Of Solitude) and Julio Fernandez from Autumnal in 2020. Despite more obstacles created by the pandemic, the band finally started working on their next album and also continued their collaboration with Flemming Rasmussen. »The Storm Within« took a long time in its creation and along the way demanded painful sacrifices from Saturnus. All the blood, pain, and sweat have left their marks on this record. Yet in the end, the brutal honesty and the baring of the soul emanating from each note is what makes »The Storm Within« such a brilliant piece of music.

Saturnus is:
Thomas A.G. – Vocals
Indee Rehal-Sagoo – Lead Guitar
Brian Hansen – Bass
Julio Fernandez – Rhythm Guitar
Henrik O. Glass – Drums

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