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Dark folk act Inezona releases new single and music video »Midnight Circle« feat. Frederyk Rotter (Zatokrev)

Dark folk act Inezona has released new single and music video »Midnight Circle« featuring Frederyk Rotter (Zatokrev) on guest vocals and guitar.

»Midnight Circle« is the first single taken from Inezona’s upcoming album, »Heartbeat«, out on June 30th, 2023 via Czar Of Crickets Productions.

Video by Baschi Thommen.

Courtesy of Czar Of Crickets Productions:

»Midnight Circle« is the title of this trip, the first single of the upcoming Inezona album »Heartbeat« and it’s epic, spheric and timeless, just as we would expect it from the multi-instrumentalist and singer. The song is the result of a collaboration with Zatokrev-singer Frederyk Rotter. It is an ode to life, its finitude and death alike and it fills the depressing void of these days with timeless musical magic. While the voices of Ines Brodbeck and Frederyk Rotter are in perfect tune and harmony on a velvet sound, drone guitars, piercing screams and psychedelic guitar solos form a stark contrast, symbolizing the lightness and severity of being alike.

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A few words by Folk Radio UK about the new single of Inezona:
“While Sullivan features on the forthcoming album Heartbeat (out on 30th June via Czar of Crickets), the first single, »Midnight Circle«, a collaboration with Frederyk Rotter of the Swiss-based metal band Zatokrev, has a very different feel, a hint at Brodbeck’s desire to explore and progress her sound beyond the boundaries of genre. After hearing this new single, I’m left in no doubt that great things are to follow and that Heartbeat may well prove to be one of her most exciting albums to date.”

Photo by Flavia Schaub

About Inezona:
Inezona alias Ines Brodbeck has been active in the internatinal music scene for many years. The singer, percussionist and guitarist recorded her third solo album »Now« in 2017 in the Arizona desert with Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA) and musicians from Calexico, Bob Dylan, Neko Case and Giant Sand and traced her Latin American roots. She found a soul mate in Sullivan, and »Now« became a symbol and the beginning of a creative liaison.

When Sullivan was in Switzerland in 2019, the two went to Basel’s One Drop Studio with Inezona’s musicians: Fabian Gisler (bass, synthesizer) and Eric Gut (drums, percussion) and worked on songs that had accompanied Inezona for a long time. Produced by Ines, Gabriel and Eric Gut, the harmonically and rhythmically highly complex tracks on »Heartbeat« line up smoothly and elegantly like a constantly flowing stream and testify to the great musical ability of everyone involved.

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