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Domkraft and Slomatics stream their brand new split album »Ascend/Descend«, out today via Majestic Mountain Records

Swedish psychedelic sludgers Domkraft and Northern Ireland’s sludge/doom trio Slomatics stream their brand new split album, »Ascend/Descend«, which was just released today, April 22nd, 2022 via Majestic Mountain Records.

Domkraft comments: “Our split with the lovely folks that are Slomatics, »Ascend/Descend«, drops today! An idea that spawned years ago, and only seemed to make more sense every time we had the chance to hang out together. Stoked to finally have it see the light of day. Our side was gracefully captured and mixed by the great Kalle Lilja and Per Stålberg at Welfare Sounds, and does not only include our take on a Slomatics tune and a brand new track, but also a (probably sacrilegious) take on a Stereolab track, since we all bloody love that band. Pre-ordered vinyls start shipping today and all editions are still available from our Bandcamp. And a big shoutout to Majestic Mountain Records head honcho Marco who is currently recovering from a pretty nasty accident. This one’s for you, Marco!”

01. Domkraft – The Core Will Pull You Home
02. Domkraft – The Brush Descends the Length
03. Domkraft – And Yet It Moves (Slomatics cover)
04. Slomatics – Positive Runes
05. Slomatics – Buried Axes On Regulus Minor
06. Slomatics – Dustrider (Domkraft cover)

Courtesy of Sheltered Life PR:

Having first met at Psycho Las Vegas in 2017, both bands have since developed an unmistakable kinship; a sonic connection carved out over the years through occasional collaborations, shared jam spaces, vested interests, and a profound love of all things heavy. There is no question that in this instance, three is the magic number as both sets of trios enter a trifecta of sizeable trade-off with the help of esteemed Stockholm label, Majestic Mountain Records.

“I’ve followed Domkraft since the release of their self-titled EP in 2015 and have been hooked ever since,” explains MMR’s Marco Berg. “We live in the same city and whenever we would meet up, talk would usually turn to Slomatics. Like Domkraft, they are legends, so to finally be able to do something special together, on my label, is an absolute dream come true.”

Make no mistake that »Ascend/Descend« is an incredibly gargantuan sounding album on all fronts. As well as blazing a trail with plenty of crushing new material, each has a stab at the other’s work with Domkraft covering Slomatics’ »And Yet It Moves«, and Slomatics returning the riffs with a searing cover of Domkraft’s splendid »Dustrider«.

Despite their inherent differences in terms of style and approach, what »Ascend/Descend« showcases is a deep reverence and platonic power. There’s something almost palpable that permeates the grooves. If you dig the cosmic dirges of Domkraft, you’re going to freak. If you choose to worship at the altar of Slomatics, strap yourselves in. If you’re truly in thrall to both bands, well, this is where things are going to get interesting.

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