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Dutch sludge/space/stoner rock band Moan premiere a music video for their brand new single »Nothing In Nature«

Groningen, Netherlands based sludge/space/stoner rock band Moan premiere a music video for their brand new single »Nothing In Nature«.

Moan are four dudes from Groningen, Netherlands. Guitarist Marcel and bassist André have been making music together since forever. Two people in a room, hardly any lights and loads of weed. Sometimes other musicians came in, jammed, and went, not to return. Their music existed purely by means of making it. They hardly performed. Listeners at the door of that room, became long-time fans.

Ear-splitting hammer-like, the darkest of soundscapes. Singers and drummers came and went. “You can come in and join, but we are Moan, deal with it”. How does one deal with Moan? By becoming Moan, not by being overambitious and wanting to change stuff. And stand firm because their black humour is all over the place.

In comes drummer Reinee. A mammoth and that’s exactly what Moan’s sound is like: a mammoth stompin’ about. Enter vocalist, Jurgen. He’s been listening at that door for ages, longing to become their singer. Once, he got a tape, tried to add his vocals, and failed miserably, nothing came up! Back to the door, listen, listen and listen again. How to deal with Moan? Again, by becoming Moan. So fuck the tape, he went in. Moan improvised stuff that sounded like compositions. Almost all the material on their first album came to form during that first improvisation. Moan is a four piece now…….

“This gang of four creates a slow burn beautiful landscape where darkness is king and austerity its master. It is the suffering breath of an injured animal. A long and ripping moan that dwells and keeps dwelling until you are surrounded by its captivating gloom.” – Nathalie Katgert (writer for VERA, Club for the International Pop Underground, Groningen)

“We are Moan. Our sound is massive, we feel it pressing on our chests. It is not doom, far from it. Our sound is sorrowful, not meant to kick your teeth in, but to drench your heart in melancholy and carry you. And yes, we like machinery, loud stomping machinery. We are mud, warm and damp. We are Moan, our noise is stoner-like, the vocals tend to be melodic, our bass is a sledgehammer, and our drummer is a beast. Moan is like black tourmaline and selenite: two stones that purify and cleanse…” – Moan

Moan are:
Jurgen – Vocals
Marcel – Guitar
André – Bass
Reinee – Drums

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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