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Electric Monolith deliver new track from epic »Turned To Stone Chapter 4: Higher Selves« split album with Saturna

Barcelona-based retro rockers Electric Monolith release new track »Nightmares« from the upcoming »Turned To Stone Chapter 4: Higher Selves« split album with Saturna, out on April 15th, 2022 via Ripple Music.

01. Saturna – Keep Me Trying
02. Saturna – Following The Sun
03. Saturna – Drowning
04. Saturna – Don’t Run
05. Electric Monolith – By My Side
06. Electric Monolith – I Hope You Feel Better
07. Electric Monolith – Hold Me Again
08. Electric Monolith – So Lonely Drying
09. Electric Monolith – Nightmares

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

The fourth chapter of the »Turned To Stone« split series on Ripple Music features Barcelona rock stalwarts Saturna and Electric Monolith. »Turned To Stone Chapter 4: Higher Selves« will be released worldwide on April 15th, so kick out the jams with new track »Nightmares« now!

Ripple Music treatings heavy rock fans to another exciting collaboration on the fourth installment of their »Turned To Stone« split series, with two outstanding bands from the Barcelona rock scene: Saturna and Electric Monolith. Both bands have specialized in perpetuating the spirit of rock’n’roll in its truest, most boundary-free expression: when Saturna plays a soulful, Southern-infused classic hard rock with gripping, soulful vocals, Electric Monolith operates on the edgier, more psych-laden side of the 70s rock spectrum. A raucous, epic pairing that will skyrocket listeners through a riff-walled time-tunnel to vintage heavy music heaven!

Check out Electric Monolith’s new track »Nightmares«!

Ripple Music CEO Todd Severin comments: “Saturna and Electric Monolith are two bands that John Gist (from Vegas Rock Revolution) was pimping tirelessly, for good reason. They rock. And the fact that they’re both from Spain just made it a natural fit for a Turned to Stone split. Each band put their own spin on their side, with Saturna aiming for a slightly slower, Chris Cornell-inspired rock, and Electric Monolith simply putting the pedal down. Both sides are completely engaging. I hope the listeners dig these two bands as much as we do.”

»Turned To Stone Chapter 4: Higher Selves« split album will be released worldwide on April 15th, 2022 on vinyl, CD and digital. Listen to Saturna’s track »Drowning« at this location.

Pre-order »Turned To Stone Chapter 4: Higher Selves« here:

Founded in 2010 in Barcelona, Saturna is a rock band in the old tradition of the term, a band who can crunch out raucous riffs and pummeling rhythms with the best of ’em but can at the same time tug at your heartstrings with the soulfulness and emotional gravitas of their compositions. They released four studio albums and toured Spain, Europe, and the United States while maturing their music. The fact that Saturna do this without falling into the trap of sounding “retro” or nostalgic is down to the freshness and vitality they bring to the table, the band serving up classic recipes laid out on a brand new tablecloth.

Electric Monolith is a power trio formed in 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Their style takes its cue from the wide-ranging spectrum of 70s rock, from stadium hard rock, heavy rock to psychedelic rock. Influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Budgie and Led Zeppelin, they ride a trip to outer space with an acid-drench, riff-packed sound that will teleport you to the golden era of Rock within a light-speed second.

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