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French heavy psych rock trio Decasia presents their debut album »An Endless Feast For Hyenas«, out now via Heavy Psych Sounds

French heavy psych rock trio Decasia presents their debut album, »An Endless Feast For Hyenas«, which was just released yesterday, April 5th, 2022 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

01. Ilion
02. Hrosshveli’s Ode
03. Altostratus
04. Cloud Sultan
05. Override
06. Skeleton Void
07. Soft Was The Night
08. Laniakea Falls
09. Sunrise
10. Hyenas At The Gates

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

Paris-based heavy psych trio Decasia just released their debut album »An Endless Feast For Hyenas« on April 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Previously tested and approved on stage, debut album »An Endless Feast For Hyenas« is ten hard-hitters filled with endless flamboyant solos, cleverly interweaving their modern power psych with effusive Sub Pop-infused rock influences.

Taking the path of improvisations to write songs, »An Endless Feast For Hyenas« was recorded in the middle of the countryside, in the volcanic region of Auvergne. The house was transformed into a studio with instruments set up in the barn, and the control room in the living room. It was recorded and mixed by Thomas de Fraguier, and mastered by Erwan Le Mao. The artwork was designed by the band, with pictures taken by Mariette Briand.

Order »An Endless Feast For Hyenas« here:

Photo by Mariette Briand

Decasia is a heavy psych band formed in Nantes, France and now based in Paris. With two EPs under their belt, Decasia forged their sound from the bottom of the deepest ocean to the highest mountains, carrying with their strength and sensibility a rich and colorful range of emotions. On stage, the trio offers mind-blowing, immersive performances. Following the path of stoner rock’s finest All Them Witches, Elder, Colour Haze, and adding their own recipe and flavor to it. Their music will take you on a rich and colorful trip through lands and cosmos.

Decasia is:
Maxime Richard – Guitar & Vocals
Fabien Proust – Bass & Synth
Geoffrey Riberry – Drums

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