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Fuzzy heavy rockers Greyborn stream their fierce and catchy debut EP »Leeches« in full; out now through F2M Planet

French stoner rock trio Greyborn stream their fierce and catchy debut EP, »Leeches«, which was just released yesterday, March 18th, 2022 via F2M Planet.

The band comments: “Our debut EP, »Leeches«, is now available:! It features 5 tracks recorded and mixed by ourselves, portraying a world that is slipping from our grip. We infused it with cynism and acid feelings, fuzz and melodies. Now it’s your turn to make sense of it.”

01. Leeches
02. Bits & Pieces
03. Jharia
04. After Dark
05. Corrosive Faith

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

French stoner rockers Greyborn unveil their anthemic debut EP »Leeches« this Friday 18th March on F2M Planet. Get hooked on their dark and uptempo melodies right now!

“A bleak-yet-soulful vibe which is a bit of a breath of fresh air.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“Capturing their theme and broadcasting their forbidding message perfectly through big riffs and distortion, »Leeches« is certainly an EP that stays in your memory.” – Distorted Sound Magazine

“A modern, moody kind of fuzz-laced groove; uptempo and catchy and melodic, but owing as much to brooding ’90s melodies as heavier desert push.” – The Obelisk

The drummer-fronted trio delivers the soundtrack of mass disenchantment with their dark, fuzz-drenched and highly anthemic heavy rock, dealing with civilization decay and the ethical issues stemming from our swiftly changing societies. Taking its cue from the likes of Red Fang, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Melvins, their decadent brand of heavy rock feeds in the world’s darkest corners and follows its own rules, and you won’t help but get struck by its lyricism in the form of a political satire.

Photo by Ardonau

»Leeches« will be issued on March 18th on CD and digital through F2M Planet. It was recorded at CCM John Lennon in Limoges, mixed by Greyborn and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén (Katatonia, Lowrider, Crippled Black Phoenix). Watch their latest videos for »After Dark«, »Bits & Pieces« and »Leeches«.

Beholding the ashes of their former band Mama’s Gun, the rhythm section made of Théo Jude (vocals and drums) and Guillaume Barrou (bass) felt the urge to materialize their new ideas and ambitions, and quickly invited guitarist Maxime Conan (also bandmate of Jude in Blackbird Hill) to seal the lineup of thier new project: Greyborn was alive. A handful of demoed tracks and salutary jams later, the trio gave birth to their 5-track debut EP, to be released on March 18th, 2022 via French imprint F2M Planet.

Greyborn’s story begins in this small interval between light and darkness, somewhere in the cold and mineral city of Limoges. The hopes of a hedonistic generation get shattered as they come up against the programmed decline of our civilization. The trio is the messenger of a mass disenchantment, providing its corrosive yet highly anthemic soundtrack, while taking their cue from the likes of Red Fang, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Melvins.

Greyborn is:
Théo Jude – Drums & Vocals
Guillaume Barrou – Bass & Backing Vocals
Maxime Conan – Guitars & Backing Vocals

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