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German alternative/garage/psychedelic rock band The DogHunters presents their third album »Oumuamua«, out now via Tonzonen Records

Cologne, Germany based alternative/garage/psychedelic rock band The DogHunters has just released their third album »Oumuamua« on April 21st, 2023 via Tonzonen Records.

01. Ayahuasca
02. Kings
03. Sabai Sabai
04. Callisto Moon
05. Giza
06. Cyber Skies
07. Elephant Kiss
08. The Sun

When unpolished garage rock meets psychedelic riffs and then a pinch of indie is sprinkled on top of that, there can only be one result: The DogHunters. Together, the 5 friends locked themselves in a basement for a long time, where The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Bob Marley and a lot of creativity mingle. »Oumuamua« is the band’s third album.

If the group’s last LP felt like a day at the beach, the current album »Oumuamua« feels like a night in the forest. The mood gets darker, the psychedelic can turn into diffuse paranoia after a cozy warmth (»Ayahuasca«, »Cyber Skies«) and suddenly the familiar becomes mysterious… but the nocturnal mood of the record also has the chance to take shape in shamanic shadow dances change; the musicians use this in flamenco borrowings reminiscent of Spanish sketches (»The Sun«) or desert grooves (»Giza«). But the night can also be beautiful when the stars flash through the canopy, as in »Callisto Moon«.

Photo by Chris Vader

The music catapults the listener into different worlds, which the lyrics also make clear. Not only Far Eastern wisdom is used as inspiration, but also mind games that give an idea of a post-apocalyptic world and dreams that remind you of the edge of infinity. We hear a mature band that searches and tries out songwriting and balances different influences on a foundation of groove and straight rock. The recordings generally took place after 10 p.m.

Recorded at their new and own homestudio during the Corona Blues. Mixed by JB Pilon and mastered by Eroc.

Order »Oumuamua« here:

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