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German atmospheric sludge/heavy/funeral doom metal solo project Heksegrav stream debut album »Svart Portal«; out now via The Lasting Dose Records!

German atmospheric sludge/heavy/funeral doom metal solo project Heksegrav feat. Garm (Ånd) has just released debut album »Svart Portal« this Friday, May 31st, 2024 via The Lasting Dose Records.

01. Glød
02. Sirkel
03. Råte

Courtesy of The Lasting Dose Records:

“Heksegrav presents an incredible tribute to the power of heavy metal, taking the elements that made the genre great and rendering them in high definition. The riffs and atmosphers on »Svart Portal« flourish with the flick of the volume knob and it goes without saying that this record needs to be played loud. This is slow heavy metal playing exemplified presenting an incredible journey for those unafraid to disturb the grave of the witch!” – R. Westerveld

Abandon all hope ye who enter the black chasm! Leading you away from the gates of heaven and right through the depths of hell, »Svart Portal« is the frst and only outing from Heksegrav, a one man-metal project helmed by the mysterious Garm. An epic ebb and fow of atmospheres, »Svart Portal« listens like the soundtrack to a pre-code silent horror movie, slithering from iconic riff to iconic rif, slowly building cathedrals of gothic dread. Guided by low rumbling tones, ominous chanting and a solitary church bell, this Dantean guide takes you on an entrancing fantasy ride that combines the conceptual prowess of bands like Bell Witch and Bong Ripper with the nostalgic sound and mythology of early heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath and Dio.

»Svart Portal« is availble on CD and digital formats, with a vinyl release to follow soon. Order your copy here:

Written & performed by Heksegrav.
Mixed & mastered by J. Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin.
Artwork & layout by Mirkow Gastow.

Garm – Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Soundscapes

FFO: Bell Witch, Dio, Black Sabbath, Bongripper, Giant Sleep

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