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German doom/post-black metalllers Sarlic Bliss released their debut album »Brægn Hæft«, out now via MDD Records

German melodic doom/post-black metal band Sarlic Bliss presents their debut album, »Brægn Hæft«, which was just released on November 2nd, 2023 via MDD Records.

01. Darkest Desire
02. Lust
03. Flotian Swefn
04. The Truth Within
05. Invidia
06. Departed Grace (feat. Gogo Melone)

Courtesy of MDD Records:

Atmospheric, dark and doomy!

The year 2021, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, turns out in retrospect to be a year for promising band formations. Sarlic Bliss also have their origins here. In this case, too, we are dealing with musicians active in the scene for many years, who apparently were looking for a new activity for self-realization. In this case, among others, Daniel Fischer (Midnattsol) and Jochen Turn (Bann) are involved. Featuring guest vocals by Gogo Melone (Aeonian Sorrow, Elysia).

With »Brægn Hæft« the full-length debut of the quintet is now available, which brings it with only 6 songs to a stately length of over 45 minutes, whereby it should be clear that the fellows obviously take the necessary time to let a song unfold. Not surprisingly, the sound is characterized by dark, aggressive-melancholic sounds, melodically underpinned by the interplay of growls and clean vocals. The band itself sees itself somewhere between doom, post-black and death metal at home and put in their lyrics deliberately with Old English language elements to reflect the atmosphere of the music even more authentic.

The present debut is dark, brute and poignant at the same time. Both the recordings and the production were done by the band themselves. »Brægn Hæft« is not least therefore an album as if from a single mold on which the band has portrayed and realized itself without compromise.

Order »Brægn Hæft« on MDD Records: (CD, Merch, Bundles)

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