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German one-woman stoner/doom metal band Lavandula dropped second full-length album »Hymns Of The Inbetween«

Hagen, Germany based one-woman stoner/doom metal band Lavandula stream second full-length album, »Hymns Of The Inbetween«, which just dropped on September 2nd, 2023.

Listen to »Hymns Of The Inbetween« on Bandcamp and YouTube!

01. An Empty Song
02. Feed
03. Restless Center
04. Leviathan
05. Sounds Outside The Hull
06. Apex Devourer
07. Writhing Emptiness

Giant magnapinna squids raking the surface of planets searching for food, a giant megalodon cracking the crust of moons and consuming their core, anglerfishes using a radio signal as bait for unknowing spacefarers, serpents coiling in the darkspots between solarsystems, sirens begging you to come out of your craft, and a gigantic malström in the middle of the milkyway slowly pulling everything towards its center.

Lavandula mastermind Aliéna Lohmann says: “This album is dedicated to the Metal Mausoleum and all its wonderful inhabitants.

Special thanks to PK (Sewerscum/CCCHHHOOOMMMPPP).”

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