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Gramma Vedetta release the second single »Transmission’s On« taken from their upcoming album »The Hum Of The Machine«

London, UK based stoner rock outfit Gramma Vedetta release the second single »Transmission’s On« taken from their upcoming album, »The Hum Of The Machine«, which will see the light on May 27th, 2022 via Mandrone Records.

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

Stoner metal band Gramma Vedetta are streaming their new single »Transmission’s On«. The song is from their upcoming release »The Hum Of The Machine« which is out 27 May, 2022 via Mandrone Records.

The band comments: »Transmission’s On« is a sarcastic interpretation of those random thoughts that pops in your head at night and keep you awake such as “you are not good enough, you ate too many carbs, you lost your job, you have to pay the rent.

We’ve written down all those thoughts in verses, and put them on top of a chord progression that could be The Melvins covering Pink Floyd. It is a very dynamic song, with lots of ups and downs, a trippy exploration of the different personalities that our brain can create.”

Forming in 2017, Gramma Vedetta released their debut EP »Proof Of Concept« in 2018 with a grunge focus, followed by the 2020 EP »A.C.I.D Compliant« that leaned into stoner rock. The new album delves further into the progressive world. »The Hum Of The Machine« is a collection of nine scenes that tell the story of a man who seeks to remain unique in a world where compliance ensures you a place in the upper echelons of society. »A Chance To Win The Orb« delivers an explosive opening to the album producing a wall of sound. Throughout the album the duo unleashes their creativity through different styles. The fuzz-driven banger »Robots For War« precedes a darker, haunting atmosphere unveiled in »A Broken Time Machine«, while »The Future Of The Past« brings immense impact through the guitars and an incredibly catchy vocal hook.

Characterised by immense sounding riffs, down-tuned instruments and their passion for science fiction. Aptly portraying themes explored in Sci-Fi literature and films with their own distinctive vision, Gramma Vedetta have designed a thrilling album. »The Hum Of The Machine« is an exploration into the unknown that is not to be missed.

Gramma Vedetta is:
Daniele – Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Marco – Bass, Backing Vocals, Synth

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