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Grazil Records release the brand new label sampler »Grazil Records & Friends Volume 2«!

Grazil Records release the brand new label sampler »Grazil Records & Friends Volume 2«! This is the second part of their sampler featuring Red Mesa, Flowers In Concrete, Nekrodeus, Chorosia, Thosar, Coma System, Deumus, Tears Of Fire, Mossadeq and more.

01. Coma System – Deaf World
02. Red Mesa – The Path To The Deathless
03. Deumus – Oyer and Terminer
04. Mossadeq – The Nurse
05. Chorosia – A Call To Love
06. Distaste – Judas
07. Nekrodeus – Eat Dirt Taste Life
08. Pillars Of Cacophony – Phospholipidosis
09. Morbid Abomination – Contempt
10. Tears Of Fire – Retribution Committee
11. Ilun – Holy’s Absurditites
12. Thosar – Toxic Masculinity
13. YXOU – Shoal
14. Noise Transmission – Messier 87 (Destroy To Create)
15. Flowers In Concrete – Sehnsucht
16. Violență Domestică – Flies On A Pile Of Shit

Courtesy of Grazil Records:

Oooops Grazil did it again! Here is the second part of our sampler with 16 outstanding artists from different genres like death metal, post doom, stoner doom metal, hardcore punk, atmospheric black metal, experimental hard rock, industrial and many more.

This sampler features bands who placed their trust in Grazil Records again and many friends from “outside” the label, who supported Grazil Records and Grazil FM over the time. This is the second trip to a parallel universe full of sick sounds – just lean back and enjoy – or bang your head!

Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, London.

Cover Artwork by Dr. Winter/Teratogen.

Thanx to Noise Appeal Records, Desert Records and Teratogen!

Grazil Records:


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