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Indian instrumental rock project Home Brewed Universe presents new album »Worldview«, available now on all streaming platforms

Indian one-man instrumental rock project Home Brewed Universe has just released new album »Worldview« on May 3rd, 2023. The album is essentially a instrumental post-metal album with influences of progressive rock, psychedelic rock and also elements of eastern classical music.

»Worldview« is available now on all streaming platforms!

01. Propaganda Is A Bittersweet Experience
02. One Day AI Will Influence Human Sensibilities
03. Marketing Gimmicks Rule The World
04. We Always Want To Control, Don’t We?
05. Doesn’t Matter Whether You Are Left Or Right
06. Embed Humanity… Destroy Crisis…
07. Humans Never Understand The Value Of Bliss
08. Thinking About The Greater Good

Home Brewed Universe is a one-man instrumental rock project by multi-instrumentalist Arka Sengupta.

“Home Brewed Universe is an instrumental rock/metal project that acts as my outlet to express myself musically. Who am I? I am Arka Sengupta, a composer and music producer from Hyderabad, India. I started my journey as a vocalist for a progressive rock band in my hometown, Kolkata. I was 15 years old. Our band received quite a bit of recognition in the local school and college festival circuit, and we enjoyed our success. But one thing that always bugged me was that I could not play an instrument at the time. I always wanted to compose my own music and so, with the help of my band mates I started picking up the piano/keyboard. And by the time I was 17, I could play the piano pretty well. But before I could learn any other instrument, the band, I was a part of, disbanded.

And, as happens with any human being who belongs to the middle class society in India, I was pressurized by my family to pursue my studies and find a normal career for myself. So, for a long time, I couldn’t do anything substantial about learning other instruments. It wasn’t until 2012, when I started working as a music journalist, that I had the urge and the means to achieve my dream of creating my own music. I started learning the guitar and the bass simultaneously and, before long, I realized that I was ready to compose. After gathering all the necessary equipment and the courage to release my music to the worId, finally started releasing music in 2016. And the rest is history.” – Arka Sengupta

Composed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Arka Sengupta (Home Brewed Universe).

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