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International blackened ‎post-metal collective Bipolar Architecture announce second album »Metaphysicize« and premiere »Death Of The Architect« music video!

Berlin, Germany based blackened ‎post-metal collective Bipolar Architecture premiere a music video for the first single »Death Of The Architect« taken from their sophomore album, »Metaphysicize«, which will be released on February 2nd, 2024 via Pelagic Records.

01. Metaphysicize
02. Disillusioned
03. Death Of The Architect
04. Kaygı
05. Alienated
06. Immor(t)al
07. Dysphoria

Courtesy of Pelagic Records:

The progressive, post-metal four-piece Bipolar Architecture have announced their forthcoming second album, »Metaphysicize«, set for release on 2nd of February 2024 via Pelagic Records.

The band have also released a blistering, psychedelic video for the album’s lead single »Death Of The Architect«, which serves as a bracing statement of intent from the international outfit who, currently based in Istanbul and Berlin, have consistently pushed at the boundaries of contemporary metal.

Hurtling into life in 2020, Bipolar Architecture is a project born from the smouldering ashes of stalwart death metal group Heretic Soul. Having retained all the nihilistic fury of their former outfit, Bipolar Architecture introduced the forward-thinking ferocity of djent and hardcore as well as the atmospheric dynamism of post-rock and shoegaze ambience, before unleashing this searing new sound on their 2022 debut full-length, ‘Depressionland’, which quickly turned head and left ears ringing.

A raw and passionate lament for frontman, guitarist and principal songwriter Sarp Keski’s father, »Death Of The Architect« also considers the uncertainty of life after loss and the range of intense emotion expressed throughout is an intriguing glimpse into the existentialist, introspective themes at the heart of »Metaphysicize«.

Photo by Erhan Karaca

Resounding with a musical maturity and patience testament to experience gained and lessons learned, whilst still shaking with all the full-throttle, apocalyptic indignation of the band’s blackened metal origins, »Metaphysicize« is also Bipolar Architecture’s first work to feature lyrics in Keski’s native Turkish; rending the album a perfect embodiment of the band’s dichotic balance of culture, genre, calm and chaos.

By refusing to rest on their laurels or rely on the comfortable confines of genre, Bipolar Architecture leave their shape unfixed and their future ripe with potential; because life at the edge of extreme is so much better without labels.

»Death Of The Architect« is out now.

»Metaphysicize« will be released on February 2nd, 2024. Pre-order / stream / download here:

Sarp Keski on »Death Of The Architect«: “I wrote the song as an expression of the long journey of pain that led to the loss of my father. After I shared the song with my bandmates, we discovered that we’d all faced similar struggles, so we dedicated the song to all of our fathers. The video features abstract representations of cancer cells in the blood stream, projected over us as a spectre of who we’ve lost and what may lie in wait. »Death Of The Architect« was the first song written for »Metaphysicize« and the spectrum of emotions within it, from rage to euphoria, served as inspiration for the rest of the record.”

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