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Irish psych-rock jam band Space Shepherds presents their new album »What Fabric?«, available now on all major streaming platforms

Irish psych-rock jam band Space Shepherds presents their brand new album, »What Fabric?«, which was just released on July 20th, 2023.

Listen to »What Fabric?« on Spotify and other streaming platforms!

01. Glint
02. Come Unstuck
03. Who Knows
04. Strangements

“What is the fabric of time and space made of? Jams? Jams.

Recorded and mixed by Niall Doran.

Artwork by Thomas Dundas.

Jams by Gareth Hill, David Malone, Dave Siggins, Peter Hunter, Maeve Mulholland & Chris Stark.

Thank you all for the support! Much love!

Long live the jams!”

Space Shepherds came about through a mutual love of fast-paced kraut-rock, shoegaze, and heavy hitting doom riffs. Formed in Belfast, Ireland in 2017 by David Malone and Gareth Hill, the duo have spent years honing their craft in order to provide trance-inducing music and electric live shows. As the duo have progressed, so has the makeup of Space Shepherds which has come to include a wider range of instruments and players. With the core guitar and drums being supplied by Gareth and David, the music has grown to also incorporate bass, synths, more guitars, percussion sections, flutes and world instruments such as didgeridoos. The drop-in-drop-out element of the band ensures that no two improvisational jams are the same and this does much to keep it fresh and exciting.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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