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Italian doom riffers Wizard Master sign with Electric Valley Records for their brand new album!

Italian stoner/doom metal band Wizard Master has signed with Electric Valley Records for release of their brand new album.

Courtesy of  Electric Valley Records:

We are proud to announce that doom riffers Wizard Master have just signed with Electric Valley Records for their brand new album!

You may believe it or not but WM formed after having a dream. Manosinistra and Manodestra are musicians who have been present on the Italian scene for a long time. They ranged from hardcore, punk, folk, metal but had never played together. One night Manosinistra has a dream: a powerful and hooded figure tells him that he should have formed a band, and that he should have adored him playing his music. The same day he reads a message written by Manodestra on Facebook: “I’m looking for someone to play doom with huge 70’s influences with and have a good time.” Obviously he answers immediately and the next day they find themselves in the rehearsal room. With immense amazement Manosinistra discovers that Manodestra too had placed the announcement because he had had a similar dream .. and this is how the first song in the debut EP “Abracadoom« came out after a couple of hours: »Children Of The Night« tells of this incredible coincidence.

“From that moment we have never stopped and the band has expanded. We wrote »Phasmatis« and like the previous work we recorded, mixed, edited the artwork and the promotion all by ourselves. The record was released in various formats practically all over the world thanks to the help of several labels. Europe, USA, Japan, Argentina.

»Phasmatis« is a record in which we tried to pour everything we have always liked .. the idea was to record the album we wanted to hear. A record that spoke of the Great Wizard, that was powerful and muddy, inspired by the 70s but that sounded current. I don’t know if we did it but we like it damn much.

The next album we are working on will be the natural evolution of the previous one, it will be released on vinyl by Electric Valley Records.”

The Great and Powerful “Wizard Master” has just begun to move his legions across the Earth.

Stay Doomed!

Wizard Master is:
Manodestra – Drums, Vocals
Manosinistra – Guitars, Vocals
Capo – Bass

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