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Italian noise-rockers The Turin Horse embrace prog and psych on new album »Unsavory Impurities«; first single »Blissed Out« streaming now

Italian noise rock/post-hardcore outfit The Turin Horse will release their new album »Unsavory Impurities« on March 24th, 2023 via Reptilian Records (US) and Invisible Order Records (EU).

Listen to the first single »Blissed Out« below!

01. The Maximum Effort For The Minimum Result
02. Sixty Millions Blues
03. Regret Song
04. Blissed Out
05. Necessary Pain
06. Birds Sing a Death Song
07. The Light That Failed
08. Where The Seeds Can’t Take Root
09. Hybris
10. Tear Off The Stitches

Courtesy of Invisible Order Records:

Italy’s The Turin Horse announce the March 24th release of new album »Unsavory Impurities«. The album will be released on the legendary Reptilian Records in the US and Italian label Invisible Order in Europe.

Stream the first single, »Blissed Out«, here!

Pre-order the album, here (EU):
Pre-order the album, here (US):

Named for the historic city in the north of Italy where they formed, The Turin Horse consists of guitarist/vocalist Enrico Tauraso, formerly of Dead Elephant, and drummer Alain Lapaglia, ex-MoRkObOt. With one untitled EP under their belts, Tauraso and Lapaglia come tearing out of the gate on »Unsavory Impurities«. Eyes wild and teeth gnashing, the two operate in a zone of pure abandon, bashing out caustic noise rock then dropkicking it into other dimensions.

First single »Blissed Out« serves as a perfect introduction. Ear-scraping guitar tones carry a somber melody, as frenetic drumming and a whirr of psychedelia pull the song forward. Injecting freedom and chaos into a genre known for its austerity, The Turin Horse play with prog-level exuberance and lace their raw, blown-out songs with left-field sounds, including saxophone (courtesy of baritone sax player Alessandro Cartolari of Anatrofobia and Extrema Ratio) and an arsenal of samples: “Synths, classical music, field recordings, pocket fans, data-bending files, circuit-bent machines, vegetables, anything we deem useful for our purposes,” states Tauraso.

Photo by Omar Tomaino

The band’s liberated approach to abrasive music brings to mind the maniacal sludge-punk of Karp, by way of the unchained experimentalism of Today Is The Day. Tauraso states: “If we had to make a list of influences I think it would be endless… Personally I would include Today Is The Day. I’ve been a fan for many years and have always enjoyed their uncompromising vision of music. I’ve always found it cathartic.”

While honoring those who have inspired them, The Turin Horse really march to their own beat and no one else’s. As Tauraso puts it, “The thing that has conditioned us the most is the need to try to express ourselves freely. We already have to mediate with society for a good part of our daily lives and we like to think that music is our hour of fresh air.”

The band’s singular sound is thanks in part to Tauraso’s homemade rig: “We couldn’t find a bass player and I chose to see this lack as a creative opportunity to customize my guitar sound by building a large part of my gear.”

»Unsavory Impurities« was recorded and mixed by Massimiliano Moccia and Enrico Tauraso. It was mastered by Arik Victor at Creep Studio in Philadelphia. The cover art was created by Mow Skwoz.

Making their Reptilian Records debut with »Unsavory Impuritiest«, The Turin Horse join a stellar roster that has included Dwarves, KEN mode, Chat Pile, and many more.

Enrico Tauraso – Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Alain Lapaglia – Drums, Samples
Alessandro Cartolari – Baritone Sax on »Hybris« and »Tear Off The Stitches«

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