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Japanese sludge/doom metal outfit Guevnna recently released their new two-track self-titled EP

Tokyo, Japan based sludge/doom metal outfit Guevnna has released their new two-track self-titled EP on February 21st, 2022.

01. The Bloom
02. Iggy T

Guitar recorded by Suyama from Bahboon.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by KUBO Takanori at Studio KhaosK.
Cover design by Suyama (Everyday Life With Fuzz).

Guevnna is:
Temi – Drums
R – Bass, Vocals

Guevnna’s sophomore album, the first in four years since their first album, »Heart Of Evil«, was released in 2016, is complete! The grooves played by the band, which was simply reborn after a member change, are even more cheating and heavy rock than the previous album.

What was the year 2020 all about? A year that began with the worst possible start to anything is coming to an end. Politics, economics, systems and our lives seemed to be in turmoil, but slowly, little by little, things are starting to return to normal, leaving behind big traces of chaos, and Guevnna’s sophomore album »Burning Skyline« is the perfect soundtrack to this chaotic world. No, maybe the “worst”.

This world where everything keeps changing, and the core of the band that never changes. It sounds cliché to say it, but after the release of »Heart Of Evil« in 2016, guitarist Raizo left the band, and another guitarist, Go, who had toured with the band many times in Japan and abroad, left in 2019 before the album was made, and in the midst of a time of great change in the band’s structure The completed album is an album that highlights the core of the band Guevnna. Naturally, the sound is not the massive twin-guitar sound of their first album. Nevertheless, the songs, riffs, and sounds are all “Guevnna itself”, and the album is full of euphoria that greatly surpasses their previous work.

The band’s signature festive heavy rock and disco doom songs, as well as decadent heavy alternatives and funky disco songs with an innovative flavor, continue to venture into new territory. The composition of the members has been simplified, with Ryo playing bass, Komi moving to guitar and Temi playing drums, but the strength of the guitar riffs and the groove of the performance is even better than the previous album. It’s cheating on the and like the previous album, there are no lyric cards for the album, but rather artwork written by Anüstes that corresponds to each song. They are pure images. You can take the message from here as you wish, or not. You’re free.

But that’s why I’m here to say it. That there’s something you need to get through any situation to get through it. Rock and roll teaches you that without words. Despite the band’s obvious adversity, there are no words on this album that justify the bitterness of such a situation or themselves, nor are there screams of righteous slogans. What is there is just a diffusion of energy that blows everything away. Even though the world and the circumstances around them may change, the sound of Guevnna continues to play their music in the same way, and it resonates in a way that is extremely comfortable to the body. You can read the messages you need to hear from them. That’s what Jimi Hendrix and The Who is, and that’s what Guevnna was, a rock and roll band.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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