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Lucifer’s Fall goes on an indefinite hiatus; new compilation of the unreleased demos »Dirty (S)Hits« available


Adelaide, Australia based traditional doom metal band Lucifer’s Fall is going on an indefinite hiatus.

Vocalist Deceiver explains: “Lucifer’s Fall is now on an indefinite hiatus. I “quit” the band today due to a few reasons, none which can be blamed on my cohorts. Over the nine years we’ve been together I couldn’t have worked with a bunch of better people. My personal reasons for leaving are that I don’t want to play live anymore and the business side of things (labels, organisation etc.) has been getting me down for some time. Having said all that we have a number of live shows over the next few months which we will complete and we also have two releases coming for which the schedule remains unchanged. They are the split with Eldritch Rites and an EP called »Children Of The Night«. Further discussions today have opened the possibility of Lucifer’s Fall continuing as a recording only band. That may or may not happen. Personally I’d be happy with doing some more recordings in the future but there is definitely no guarantee. Happily the other guys have decided most likely to forge on with a new band so we’ll see what happens there. Finally I’d like to thank everyone who has supported us and enjoyed our music on the journey. Overall it’s been great fun and I’m sad to see it end.”

Lucifer’s Fall also released a compilation of the unreleased demos »Dirty (S)Hits« on March 14th, 2022, which is available now on limited edition CD.

01. Lucifer’s Fall (Dungeon Demos I)
02. Unknown Unnamed (Dungeon Demos I)
03. Mother Superior (Dungeon Demos I)
04. The Suffering Wizard (Unedited Studio Version)
05. The Summoning (Unedited Studio Version)
06. Deceiver (Dungeon Demos II Session)
07. Death Of The Mother (Guitar & Vocal Demo)
08. The Necromancer (Cursed Visions – Dungeon Demos III)
09. Whispered Words (Studio Version – Myopic Empire Reinterpretation)
10. Dirty Shits, Dirty Music (Dungeon Demos V)
11. Trident Steel (Dungeon Demos V)
12. Trapped In Satan’s Chains (Dungeon Demos V)

Companion piece to »Tales From The Crypt«, this compilation collects the rest of the unreleased demos, rehearsals and studio tracks from the Unknown Unnamed era on CD. Strictly limited to 50 copies this is the rough & raw side of Lucifer’s Fall.

Tracks 1-3 Lucifer’s Fall Mk. 1 (Dungeon Demos)
Deceiver – Bass & Vocals
The Mother Superior – Guitar & Vocals
Unknown Unnamed – Drums

Tracks 4-5 Lucifer’s Fall Mk. 2 (Complete Studio Versions)
Deceiver – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Unknown Unnamed – Drums

Track 6 Lucifer’s Fall Mk. 3 (Dungeon Demos II – Live Rehearsal)
Deceiver – Vocals
Unknown Unnamed – Drums
The Mother Superior – Guitar
Cursed Priestess – Bass
The Invocator – Guitar

Track 7 Lucifer’s Fall Mk. 4 (Dungeon Demos III – Live Rehearsal)
Deceiver – Vocals
Unknown Unnamed – Drums
The Heretic – Guitar
Cursed Priestess – Bass
The Invocator – Guitar

Track 8 (Deceiver Guitar & Vocal Demo)

Track 9 Lucifer’s Fall Mk. 4 (Studio Recording)

Tracks 10-12 Lucifer’s Fall Mk. 4 (Dungeon Demos V – Live Rehearsals)

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