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Mexican stoner/doom metal act Cult Of Sheev releases their debut full-length album »The Book Of Dead«

Mexican stoner/doom metal band Cult Of Sheev presents their debut full-length album, »The Book Of Dead«, which was just released this Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023.

01. Unholy Rituals In The Abbey (Prologue)
02. The Book Of Dead
03. Kill The Wizard
04. Join Me
05. The Journey
06. Embrace The Fear
07. Hatred Delusion
08. Strike With Anger
09. The Pleasure Of Pain
10. Kaggath… The Rise Of The Cult Of Condemned

Culf Of Sheev is a heavy/stoner/doom metal band from Cancun, Mexico.

»The Book Of Dead« is an 11-track rock opera chronicling the journey of Lüahr Ottis and Ex’Razar to understand and master »The Book Of Dead«, as well as the founding of The Cult of Condemned. The album offers a compilation of dynamic styles and forceful sound that accompany a mysterious and dark story.

All songs written by Cult Of Sheev.
»The Pleasure Of Pain« written with Jorge “Raziel” Silva.
»Strike With Anger« written with Charlie Fangs.

Recorded at Dark Sound Studios in Cancun, Mexico.
Produced by Cult Of Sheev & Geiler May.
Mixed, engineered & mastered by Geiler May.

Culf Of Sheev is:
Xchmel Romo – Bass, Guitar and Vocals
Enrique Arroniz – Drums and Vocals

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