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MNRVA stream the new single and title track from their debut full-length album »Hollow«

American doom/stoner/sludge trio MNRVA stream the new single and title track from their debut full-length album »Hollow«, which will be released on May 20th, 2022 via Black Doomba Records.

01. Not The One
02. With Fire
03. Third Eye
04. Hollow
05. Befall
06. Black Sky
07. No Solution
08. The Way

Recorded April-May 2019 at The Jam Room Recording Studio, Columbia, SC.
Produced by MNRVA.
Engineered and mastered by Jay Matheson.

Courtesy of C Squared Music:

Doom metal band MNRVA are streaming the title track from their upcoming album »Hollow« via The Ripple Effect. The song will be released on all digital platforms this Friday, while the album will be released on May 20th, 2022.

MNRVA venture further into the descending darkness with their debut full-length, »Hollow«. Conjuring gloomy atmospheres with funereal doom and fuzz tones, the heavy trio are unafraid to unveil what’s lurking in the shadows.

Forming in 2018, MNRVA made their debut with the EP »Black Sky« giving fans a tantalising taste of their unconventional sludge fuelled doom sound. »Hollow« builds further on their exploration of heavy music with groove-laden riffs, mid-slow tempo tracks and vocals which range between soaring melodies and those of guttural demons. »Not The One« introduces the new album with ludicrously overdriven instruments, impactful percussion and vocals that appear to be reaching out of the abyss. The title track falls further into the gloom evoking an intense dark mood. Melodic motifs and riffs punctuate the black with an experimental twist, adding something extra to the sound without breaking the nightmarish illusion. »The Way« concludes the album with the wrath of the void, fusing the sinister and sombre.

»Hollow« is a melting pot of sludge drawing upon the guitar grind of Melvins, the vocal interplay of Mastodon, and the post-doom heaviness of Wisconsin’s Bereft. Embracing their influences while cultivating their own distinctive edge, MNRVA manipulate these dynamic musical elements to manifest an enticing atmosphere.

“The songs on our album »Hollow« came together quickly and organically and really capture a moment in trying to find and define our sound. The best phrase we’ve come up with so far to describe the sound of the record is ‘doom fuzz’. When people hear it, they’ll know exactly what that means.” says guitarist Byron Hawk.


Byron Hawk – Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Jennings – Bass, Vocals
Gina Ercolini – Drums

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