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New York occult doom rock trio Mama Doom unveil a music video for the first single »Man Parts« off their upcoming album »Blood Salt Sacrifice«!

Newburgh, New York based occult doom rock trio Mama Doom has unveiled a music video for the first single »Man Parts« off their upcoming album, »Blood Salt Sacrifice«, which will be released via Interstellar Smoke Records.

This video is age-restricted and only available on YouTube!

Track listing:
01. Love ‘N Dead
02. Ring The Bell
03. Devil In The Sky
04. Lovely Home
05. Bleeding Garden
06. Bury Your Bones
07. Man Parts
08. Nosferatu (Witches Worm)
09. Burned Into Nothing

Mama Doom comments: “Interstellar Smoke Label will be putting out our third album »Blood Salt Sacrifice«, preorder information coming soon.

Gratuitous Productions created a fun-filled bloody Frankenstein-esque video, »Man Parts« serving as our first single. Gratuitous Productions is a production company run by Anne Terror and Grave Dave. The video for »Man Parts« was showcased at the Hudson Valley Film Festival hosted by James Cromwell.

It started with a little light and was burning and burning. Mama Doom was summoned from the fire like a phoenix resurrecting itself yet keeping its old bones. Mutating into three because there is power and strength in the number 3. We’ve kept things simple yet complex with only the booming presence of bass guitar, haunting keyboards, and complex drumming. Vocally we take you on a journey of dark humor with an undertone of satanic references. Hailing from Newburgh NY, Mama Doom has been together since 2016 and finally discovered the perfect combination of sounds.”

Mama Doom is:
D.Lolli – Vocals
Chuckie Rumbles – Bass
Anne Terror – Drums

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