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New Zealand shoegaze/post-rock act Levitating Snakes released new album »Zodiac«

Wellington, New Zealand based shoegaze/post-rock act Levitating Snakes stream their new album, »Zodiac«, which was released on April 7th, 2023.

01. Sixth House (Space Yacht)
02. Ninth House (Third Eye)
03. Eighth House (Nephilim Desert)
04. First House (Lost Highway)
05. Fourth House (Spaceship Rodeo)
06. Twelfth House (Sirens Of Titan)
07. Second House (Swamp Shack)
08. Fifth House (Aerozeus)
09. Eleventh House (Node Of Mist)
10. Third House (Haze)
11. Seventh House (Galaxy Radio)

Tired of finding a new band with awesome riffs and then a terrible singer ruins it? Fear not with Levitating Snakes. I hardly ever sing. This is music for smoke sessions, Long distance trips, fucking, workouts, hiking and a variety of other things. Be amazed by hidden solos!!! Wonder at middle eastern riffs that whirl on their axis!! One day we will all be ash. Today let us be fire!

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Saije McLeod (Von Thundersvolt, Rhythm Hawks) creates sonic adventures drawing from diverse influences and attitudes, expressing what it feels like to be living in these times. Channelling the heavy psych sounds of the ’70s through the filter of shoegaze, post-rock and NZ depression, Levitating Snakes creates hypnotic, psychedelic journeys designed to send the listener beyond the confines of their mind.

McLeod commented: “What a wild ride it’s been in the week since »Zodiac« was released. The album has taken off like a rocket!! This project is 18 months old and is finally starting to find its identity and sound. I’ve started work on the third album »Stardust Eulogy« but for now let’s keep the psychedelic stoner rock rolling on. Many many thanks to Atom Heart Mutha and Doom Charts for the support so far.”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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