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Noise rockers Asbestos Worker announce split album with Naw this November on Learning Curve Records!

American noise rockers Asbestos Worker and grunge/noise-rock/post-hardcore band Naw teamed up with Learning Curve Records to release split album »F@ck You« on November 17th, 2023.

Listen to »Nihilistic Delusions In Melancholia« by Asbestos Worker and »You’re A Coward and This World Will Remain Unchanged Without You« by Naw.

01. Asbestos Worker – Nihilistic Delusions In Melancholia
02. Asbestos Worker – Life Sucks (In An Ironic Way)
03. Asbestos Worker – The Grifter
04. Naw – Rageman Infinity
05. Naw – Ugly
06. Naw – You’re A Coward and This World Will Remain Unchanged Without You

Courtesy of Infecting Cells PR:

Learning Curve Records announces the November 17th release of »F@ck You«, the new split 10″ by Asbestos Worker and Naw.

“Asbestos Worker x Naw: two of the grittiest hard-hitting scum-feeding hardcore bands combine to release a limited edition split 10″.”

RIYL: KIlldozer, Chat Pile, Gel, Intercourse, JIvebomb Brainbombs

Pre-order the album here:

The Asbestos Worker / Naw split 10″ is an example of just how hard and fast two noise merchants can be pushed. Naw brings their riff-heavy hardcore blend sprinkled with beautifully venomous lyrics, to thrash out three well-crafted nuke-core tracks. Verses the opposite but equally potent side of the record with absolutely no beauty, only: Asbestos Worker. Bringing its punishing rhythmic song craft. Asbestos Worker cranks out three violently hard-working anthems for the bloody-knuckled persons of industry.

Both Josh of Asbestos Worker and David from Naw expressed their excitement to make their tracks heavier and more brutal than the record’s counterpart. As Josh stated, “We had to go back and go bigger and faster once we heard the Naw songs, they (Naw) really brought it!”

David from Naw said, “We’ve been fans of Asbestos Worker specifically, but also the entire Learning Curve roster, for a long time. So, when the opportunity to collaborate with Asbestos Worker came up we jumped on it.”

Naw hails from Atlanta, GA. On the three Naw tracks David of Naw says, “Our three songs are the first batch written after »Head Pain« (2021). They’re also the first collection of songs written specifically for Naw, and not old song ideas that we developed. I think that they really capture the band we’re becoming, and we’re all really excited for the direction the music is going.” So this record is the first true Naw release.

Asbestos Worker is from St Paul, MN, and released a full-length LP, »The Separation« on Learning Curve Records in 2022. Josh spoke of the fun he and his new band had ripping out these three almost thrash noise bangers,” We were spent after the recording, felt like working double shifts with no days off but loving every second of it.”

The Split 10″ is a limited edition release on Learning Curve Records and is available on Bandcamp and major streaming sites.

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