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Norwegian rockers Maldito present their second album »Contact Light«; available now on vinyl, CD and digital!

Trondheim, Norway based rockers Maldito present their second album, entitled »Contact Light«, which was just released on May 24th, 2024.

Listen to »Contact Light« on all major streaming platforms!

Track List:
01. Moon And The Stars
02. Nibiru
03. Miracles
04. Weltraum
05. The Clown
06. While She’s Out
07. Voices
08. Umbra
09. Time
10. Balloon
11. Nothing

“Contact light. Okay. Engine stop. ACA – out of detent. Mode control – both auto.” – Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin 1969

The follow-up to the debut album »Heartlands« is ready, and the band is heading in a new and exploratory direction. The band is playing more with sound, time signatures, and genres than before, while still maintaining a strong foothold in the blues rock they originated from.

This urge to explore new ideas is reflected in the album’s name; »Contact Light« are the first words spoken by humans on the moon’s surface. The opening track »Moon And The Stars« also reflects this with a Motorpsycho-inspired drive, minimalist lyrics, and a Steely Dan-like instrumental section.

Photo by Elisabeth Anker Jakobsen

The songs »Miracles« and »The Clown« were both released as singles in October and February, with the highest initial streaming numbers the band has ever had, as well as radio play on German radio. »Miracles« was hailed by Adresseavisen as the best among the new songs released that month, and the newspaper drew parallels to the band 10cc. The single release of »The Clown« was a hit on streaming services, added to more playlists than any previous release from the band. The song is one of the group’s shorter tracks, but with a tight groove and explosive choruses – and bridge sections that leave a strong impression on listeners.

The band plays with various progressive elements towards the end of the album on the track »Balloon«, their most ambitious and detailed work to date where one never quite knows what awaits around the next turn, before the conclusion »Nothing« takes listeners on a breathtaking and captivating conclusion to the album.

»Contact Light« will be released as physical 12” vinyl, CD as well as streaming platforms.

All songs written and performed by Maldito.
All songs produced by Maldito except tracks »Voices«, »While She’s Out« and »Balloon«, co-produced with Pål Brekkås Recorded at Låven and Brygga studio, Trondheim. Additional recording at Dreamfarm Studios, Surnadal.

The star team:
Recording engineers – Anders Johnsen (»Miracles«, »The Clown«, »Time« and »Nothing«), Pål Brekkås (»While She’s Out«, »Voices« and »Balloon«), Frank Botten and Ola Langli (»Moon And The Stars«) Mixing engineers – Ruben Krogstad all tracks except tracks »Voices« and »While She’s Out« by Pål Brekkås.
Mastering – Magnus Kofoed at Øra Mastering.
Organ, Wurlizter and synths – Vegard Bjerkan, Ole Mathias Samuelsen and Pål Brekkås
Artwork – Robert Høyem.

Maldito is:
Vegard Ring – Vocals and Guitars
Bendik Brevik – Guitars
Jon Olav Alstad – Bass
Gard Rognskog – Drums

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