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Oath Of Cranes (ex-Celtic Frost) celebrate debut album release with new music video for »Krodhana«; »The Unsung Mantras« out today via Klang Machine Records!

Swiss experimental doom band Oath Of Cranes featuring former Celtic Frost members celebrate release of their debut album »The Unsung Mantras« with new music video for »Krodhana«.

»The Unsung Mantras« is set for release this Friday, April 21st, 2023 via Klang Machine Records.

01. Jivara (The Great Fever)
02. Rudra (The Superior Proposal)
03. Yama (Sacrifice Of Introspection)
04. Krodhana – Noone Will Ever Miss You
05. Ahamkara (Who’s That Ugly Face In The Mirror)
06. Puja – Celebrate The Negation Of Hope
07. Tamas (Obfuscation Of The Third Eye)
08. Maya Pt 1 – To Cultivate Your Illusions
09. Maya Pt 2 – To Cultivate Your Disillusions
10. Akasha – Everything Holy Is Profane
11. Kali (The Infinite Cycle Of Transformation)
12. Sannyasi Mantra (Elegy Of The Enlightened)

Courtesy of Hold Tight PR:

Oath Of Cranes – the new band from ex-Celtic Frost drummer Franco Sesa and ex-Celtic Frost guitarist Erol Ünala – turn doom metal on its head.

Today, 21st April, they celebrate their debut album »The Unsung Mantras«, released via Klang Machine Records. The group have also released the video for their track »Krodhana«, which you can watch here!

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Oath Of Cranes will make their live premiere with special guests Tar Pond (ft. former Coroner drummer Marky Edelmann) at Undertown, Geneva, on 27th May: Tickets / More info

Franco Sesa combines his passion for eastern traditional music – particularly the mantra chants of Tibetan monks — with his love for hard rock to create a genuinely innovative wall of sound.

From meditation gongs, Buddhist chants and bagpipe-evoking Tibetan horns to walls of distorted guitars, Sesa’s trademark heavy-hitting drumming, and the haunting desperation in Fabrizio Merico’s vocals: the incredible energy created by combining in-your-face doom metal with influences from Eastern music and Shamanic cultures creates goosebumps throughout »The Unsung Mantras«.

Following a years-long creative process following Sesa’s departure from Celtic Frost (and eventually seeing his reunion with fellow ex-Celtic Frost warrior Erol Ünala), »The Unsung Mantras« is widely available now.

The songs on »The Unsung Mantras« are dark and disturbing, yet beautiful and healing: traditional instruments and sounds from Asian heritage and cultures with shamanic roots, including singing bowls, horns and Tibetan monks’ chants, support the powerful and innovative metal celebrated on the album. The result vividly underscores the album’s Daoism-inspired concept and the band’s broader cultural influences, such as the choice of Sanskrit for song titles, imagery inspired by the Sadhu tradition, and the tribute to the uplifting virtues described by the iconography of Hindu deities. The Oath Of the Cranes is a promise: good death follows a good life.

The record was produced by Oath Of Cranes, engineered at Switzerland’s New Sound Studio by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, Eluveitie, Cellar Darling & more), and mastered at Sweden’s Fascination Street Studios by Tony Lindgren (Sepultura, Kreator, Witchcraft & more).

Oath Of Cranes are:
Franco Sesa (ex-Celtic Frost) – Drums, Songwriting, Lyrics and Concept
Erol Ünala (ex-Celtic Frost and Apollyon Sun) – Guitar, Sampling and Drones
Chris Tragianidis – Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass and Keyboards
Fabrizio Merico – Lead Vocals, Video Production and Graphics
Amedeo Mauriello (ex-In Love Your Mother) – Bass

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