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On The Loose share a lyric video for the first single »Midnight« taken from the upcoming album

Portugese epic doom metal project On The Loose featuring João Pedro Ventura (Dawnrider, The Limit), Flávio Lino (Airforce, Master Spy) and Marco Marouco (Els Focs Negres, Perpetratör, Extreme Unction, ex-Omission) share a lyric video for the first single »Midnight« taken from the upcoming album.

Mastermind Marco Marouco explains: “This an epic doom metal project supposedly to be instrumental with an orchestra, but after waiting an eternity for 3 conductors I decided to invite Lino to sing a few voice lines and now it is what it is. Hope that you enjoy.”

Lyrics by Rick Thor (Els Focs Negres, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Hellspike, Perpetratör, ex-Axe Murderers, ex-Ironsword).

Courtesy of Metal Devastation PR:

From the depths of a doomed winter the entity was summoned to unleash the seven fury’s from hell. With pride, seven manuscripts were produced on vellum to illustrate the greed of mankind. At midnight the bell ringer with all his envy ringed the bell, suddenly a turmoil of lust was spread all over with the help of the cold infernal wind.

Not all went like in the writings, sloth found a way to delay the process but the wrath of solitude took over and two demons descended to end the ritual. Open your hearts, the Devil is on the loose.

Features members of Airforce and The Limit.

On The Loose is:
Flávio Lino – Vocals
João Pedro Ventura – Drums
Marco Marouco – Guitars/Bass

FFO: Candlemass, Sorcerer, Crypt Sermon

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