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Ophis releases new lyric video for the track »Of Stygian Descent« from their latest full-length album »Spew Forth Odium«

German death/doom metal band Ophis releases new lyric video for the track »Of Stygian Descent« from their latest full-length album, »Spew Forth Odium«, which was released on October 29th, 2021 via FDA Records.

Video was created by Visual Media Assault.

From FDA Records:

Could you tell me who is the most rotten funeral death/doom band? Ophis from Germany? Yep, you’re right. The band is back with their 5th full-length album. Six brand new songs in 63 minutes musical melancholy, the soundtrack of autumn and winter, sorrow, pain and doom.

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Ophis about the new album: “It should be crystal clear that on our fifth full-length album we once again stuck tightly to our set course: as usual we shit as hard on any trends and fashion as politicians shit on social justice. At the same time, simple repetition of our earlier albums was no option either – this resulted in a very hard and cruciating song writing process, but we think we achieved what we wanted: an album that is 100 % Ophis, but still offers some new aspects in our music.

Our last album »The Dismal Circle« was probably the darkest, bleakest and slowest album we did so far. Since then, life has not been exactly kind to us, and we let this frustration flow into our new songs. We consider this album to be somewhat angrier and more aggressive than the last one – thus the title »Spew Forth Odium«. At the same time, there is also more contrasting fragility to hear.

Anything you ever liked (or hated) about Ophis, you will find here as well – but also a unique vibe in our catalogue, mainly brought in by our new members Floris and Ole!”

The new album called »Spew Forth Odium« was recorded at Blastbeat Productions Studio / Kiel, the drums were recorded, the album mixed and mastered by Jens Ballaschke at 3rd. A. Studio / Hamburg. The new drummer Ole is responsible for the artwork and layout.

»Spew Forth Odium« is out October 29th, 2021 on CD and DL by FDA Records. Because of the messy situation and delivery time out of the vinyl pressing plant, the release date for the Double LP set to December 17th, 2021.

01. Default Empty
02. Of Stygian Descent
03. Conflagration Eternal
04. Temple of Scourges
05. The Perennial Wound
06. The Stagnant Room

All music and lyrics by Ophis.
Mixed and mastered by Jens Ballaschke.
Artwork and layout by Ole Fink.

Ophis is:
Philipp Kruppa – Vocals, Guitars
Oliver Kröplin – Bass
Ole Fink – Drums
Floris – Guitars

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