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Pařát Productions reissued album »Loučení se světem pozemským« from Czech doom/death metal band Dissolving Of Prodigy!

Pařát Productions has reissued 2002 album »Loučení se světem pozemským« from Czech doom/death metal band Dissolving Of Prodigy on September 23rd, 2023. The album is available now on digipak CD and cassette while vinyl edition is coming in July 2024.

01. Stará země / An Old Land
02. Mohylové hroby / Burial Mounds
03. Rujana / Rujana
04. Dívčí válka / The Maindens’ War
05. Pocta Moraně / Homage To Morana
06. Bohu nemilý / Unpleasing to God
07. Hořící mosty / Bridges Aflame
08. Zrcadlo našich předků / The Mirror Of Our Deeds
09. Proměny slov / Metamorphoses Of Words
10. První lekce radosti / The First Lesson In Joy
11. Jedenáct / Eleven (Instrumental)

Bonus songs:
12. Scintilla Vitae – Stará země
13. Soul Massacre – Bohu nemilý

Courtesy of Pařát Productions:

The album »Time Ruins Also Beauty« (1997) closed the first part of the evolution path of Dissolving Of Prodigy, one of the pioneering bands of Czech death/doom metal.

After the departure of the original vocalist Pichloč, of course, a search for a new singer ensued, however, all attempts led to a dead end. There was no one to match Pichloč’s qualities and reliability. But because the darkest place is under the candlestick, Fusaty decided to add singing to his guitar. As he had never mastered the English language and did not want to learn it, he decided to sing exclusively in Czech. Also, Pichloč’s murmur had to be replaced by Fusaty’s higher pitched voice, which was a major change. The depth of Pichloč’s voice simply could not be matched. Similarly, the music changed a bit, rolling off the ultra-slow boulder that symbolized the band in the 1990s.

»Loučení se světem pozemským«, which translates as “Farewell to the Earthly World”, was released in June 2002 as a standard jewel CD box. Except for the frontcover, we have decided to leave original graphic artwork out in this reissue, because it still seems a bit lacking.

The digipak edition also includes two bonuses recorded by Fusaty’s friends, musicians from Havířov and nearby locations, with whom he shared not only concert stages but, above all, tables at local bars (smile).

The re-edition of »Loučení se světem pozemským« is released on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the moment when Fusaty involuntarily left our earthly world. For the first time on digipak and audio cassette. The release date for vinyl is on the 4th of July, 2024, the day of Fusaty’s 50th birthday.

Ordering in Pařátshop HERE!

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