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Philippine psychedelic stoner rockers Polymerase stream both parts of two album project »Dreams And Realities«, out now via Sliptrick Records

Quezon City, Philippines based psychedelic stoner rockers Polymerase have just released both parts of their two album project »Dreams And Realities« on June 20th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records.

»Dreams And Realities I« Tracklist:
01. Space Carousel
02. The Sage
03. Blade Of The Demon God
04. Evil Hand
05. Space Carousel (Instrumental)
06. The Sage (Instrumental)
07. Blade Of The Demon God (Instrumental)
08. Evil Hand (Instrumental)

»Dreams And Realities II« Tracklist:
01. Children Of Terra
02. Dreams And Realities
03. Zodiac Queen
04. Riding The Crystals Of Heaven
05. Children Of Terra (Instrumental)
06. Dreams And Realities (Instrumental)
07. Zodiac Queen (Instrumental)
08. Riding The Crystals Of Heaven (Instrumental)

Courtesy of Grand Sounds PR:

»Dreams And Realities« is a two part album project by Philippine stoner rock group Polymerase. The band started recording in 2021 and the idea was to create a story of a traveler in space that was able to experience time differently thus the track »Space Carousel«. Other tracks such as »Blade Of The Demon God«, »The Sage« and »Evil Hand« are part of the journey where the traveler in space was able to reflect within himself and then becoming a sage using the negative and positive force of the universe through the blade of the demon god. »Evil Hand« is the representation of the dark emotions of the human nature, even though humanity will strive to be good there will be an ego that will pull him down into himself which will either be for his survival or for selfish reasons.

Part II is about the psychiatric aspect of the project. The beginning is the continuing journey reflecting the society thus the creating of »Children Of Terra«. It is the process of questioning what has become of humanity itself. It is like asking what have we been doing for the past years that would make our lives significant in all existence. »Dreams And Realities« is a track where a certain individual gets lost in his own dreams that opens up a new reality for him. The person gets lost in his own reality and he cannot perceive what is real in his waking life, thus becoming schizophrenic. The track, »Zodiac Queen« is the devotion of a person to someone in his darkest situation. It is where at the point of addiction for a certain person, even the relationship becomes too toxic that he still stays until eventually getting eaten by the darkness that he himself has given. The last track is about experimental drugs that enhances your psychic potential. It is all about traveling within yourself and finding a peace resembling heaven.

All tracks have instrumental counterpart so if one person smokes while listening he/she would be able to reflect more through the vibrations of the music.

»Dreams And Realities [I & II]« released June 20th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records.

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Current line-up:
Vincent Jose – Guitars/Vocals
Bobby Legaspi – Bass/Guitars
Eugene Castro – Drums
Allan Paul Galiga – Session Bassist

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