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Portugese heavy blues/stoner rockers The Dust stream their first full-length album »Underdogs«, out now via Raging Planet Records

Lisbon, Portugal based four-piece heavy blues/stoner rock band The Dust stream their first full-length album, »Underdogs«, which was just released on May 29, 2023 via Raging Planet Records.

01. Underdogs
02. The Way Things Go Down
03. Sound Revolution
04. Insomnia
05. 24/7
06. Flying With The Devil
07. Little Man
08. House Of Lies

Courtesy of Ride The Snake:

In a society that is increasingly cold, distant, rotten and forgotten by everyone, where, day after day, the uncertainty grows that the path is increasingly lonely and mutual help and a spirit of solidarity are scarce between the fingers, there is, every time, the need to give voice to our interior. Shout out! For us, for everyone!

Underdogs is the reflection of an addicted society, disoriented and with some difficulty in seeing lucidly. It is a cry from those who are always in the shadows, who are belittled or even despised but who do not lose the will to continue. Deep down, if we don’t continue, we cease to be us. Stopping is giving up and giving up is too easy for those who fight!

Being the first LP by The Dust, it is also the first work in the studio as four-piece, which makes it the one with a more complex and complete composition. Most importantly, while maintaining the raw sound of rock ‘n’ roll with some blues chords, Underdogs provides a testament to the band’s sonic versatility, showing how well they manage to navigate the sound waves of rock, offering the listener different forms of the feel, from the ballad, to the explosive guitars, to the heat of the rock’n’roll ginga, sometimes they also go through a bit more stoner sounds.

The album features appearances by Nancy Knox and Victor Torpedo among others, was recorded by the band and mixed and mastered by The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers. »Underdogs« was released on the 29th of May 2023 by Raging Planet label.

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