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Psych-fuzz rock solo project Mud Spencer released sopomore album »Kliwon«, out now on CD & digitally via Argonauta Records

Java, Indonesia based psych-fuzz rock solo project Mud Spencer stream his sopomore album, »Kliwon«, which just dropped on May 26th, 2023 via Argonauta Records.

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01. Suzzanna
02. Ratu Kidul
03. Dead On The Heavy Funk
04. Jasmin Eater

Courtesy of Grand Sounds PR:

By following their collaboration with Studio Berserk (run by Monolord drummer Esben Willems), Mud Spencer says: “For this second album, I focus more on the global atmosphere, taking the time to slowly build variations based on a main idea. I have enjoyed the work based on samples in parallel, especially including horror Indonesian movie soundtrack at the beginning of the album as opening.

As it is always difficult to explain with words, instrumental music, and more experimental, the best is to listen to get an idea. Finally, and in short, this album was built, without headaches, without very precise direction, like a kid playing with his toys, just need a little discipline so as not to forget where I am concerning long tracks production, to not wasting time.

The fact of working several months on just one track, was a big change in my habits, usually I work 2-3 tracks at the same time with different style to not be bored.

So, I took the tracks as a single project and the challenge was to keep focus and motivation during this long process flow, to finish it with no rush. And of course, having fun to doing it as always.”

Mud Spencer’s »Kliwon« is released via Argonauta Records on CD and Digital and available from May 26th.

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Mud Spencer’s prologue begins in 2017, when band visionary Rodolphe and drummer Eddie recorded a full-length album, »Left Empty«, in within 4 days under the band name of “Chiefing Cloves”. Eddie returned home to Texas, US, right after the recording sessions. As many drafts of song ideas were still there, Rodolphe decided to do it with the means at hand then, and created Mud Spencer, for low tempo late 60s early 70s sound influences. The one-man-show is Rodolphe, playing all guitars, drums, organ, FX and other instruments. In 2019, he began the production of his debut »Fuzz Soup« releases in 2022 by Argonauta Records. According to Mud Spencer, it’s “made on ze bed music”. He records on his bed, and he mixes outside in the island’s mountain while he just brings the iPad and headset on his trail motorcycle. The new album, mastered by Monolord Esben Willems is entitled »Kliwon«.

For fans of My Sleeping Karma, Spiritual Beggars, 35007, Clutch, Los Natas, Karma To Burn, Colour Haze, Monster Magnet and Monkey3.

“If tripped-out heavy psychedelic instrumental jams with an air of Eastern promise is your dream ticket, then look no further than Mud Spencer. An inspiring project from the Indonesia based multi-instrumentalist simply known as Rodolphe.” — The Sleeping Shaman

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