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Purple Dawn drops a music video for their brand new single »Death To A Dying World«

German doom metal trio Purple Dawn drops new music video for the second single »Death To A Dying World« taken from their sophomore album, »Peace & Doom Session Vol. II«, which will be released on March 11th, 2022 via Electric Valley Records.

01. Bonganchamun
02. 100 Years A Day
03. Old Fashioned Black Madness
04. Power To The People
05. The Moon Song
06. Death To A Dying World
07. Bonganchamun Part II

Recorded by Goldie at Dialog Studios in Oberhausen.
Mixed and produced by Timo Fritz.
Mastered by Thomas Ölscher at Railroad Tracks Studios.
Video by Florian Geiling.

From Electric Valley Records:

Purple Dawn – doom-power-trio from Cologne, Germany!

It’s always the balance between things. Hard riffing energy and heart hitting melody, good and bad, high and low, future and past and sometimes far and beyond. That’s why Purple Dawn call their music “Peace & Doom”.

Heavily inspired by bands like Pentagram and Black Sabbath, Purple Dawn offers a perfect blend of classic doom-rock and modern slow-metal like Windhand, REZN or even Mastodon. In contrast to the majority of bands in the genre, Purple Dawn has got a variety of styles in their songs – it’s like putting on a Led Zeppelin record where no song sounds like the other. Keep your eyes open and praise Iommi.

“»Death To A Dying World« is about these times and times again when the burden of reality hits you down and ties all the lies you hear every day into a dark and depressed atmosphere in your life. Down that rabbithole you see the intrinsic evil that lurks inside humanity since forever and you don’t wanna be a part of. An existence to harm and waste all in the name of the maker. Full of sin, blinded by gold. Hard to imagine, a catch 22 and you can’t run out, but it starts over and over again. That isn’t the world worth obtaining. This world is dying – so let it die.
»Death To A Dying World« is written like a circle of that evil. Starting heavy and dark with plaintive lyrics, it falls into calmness after the first chorus with nothing left but a heartbeat. Maybe it’s the last, maybe it’s the beginning of something new. The song builds up to full energy again and takes you up and down to contradictory parts like the life you live every day. And in the end it returns to the main theme and will start over again.”

Available in:
• 4x Test Press
• 250x Transparent Green Vinyl
• 220x Transparent Orange Splatter Purple
• 30x Ultra LTD “Peace Edition”
• Digital

Pre-order starts on December 10! Grab your copy here: or

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