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Robustfellow Prods. to release a split tape by Celophys and Radian as a part of Robust Split Series

Robustfellow Prods. will release a limited split tape by Ukrainian sludge/doom duo Celophys and US post-metal/doom/stoner band Radian on December 24th, 2021 as a part of Robust Split Series.

As a foretaste you can already listen to a few tracks below!

01. Celophys – Cenozoic
02. Celophys – H.O.I.M.
03. Celophys – The Main Issue Is You
04. Radian – She Gone
05. Radian – Nothing Gets Through
06. Radian – Beast
07. Radian – Herts Of Metropolis
08. Radian – Not Dying
09. Radian – She Blind

From Robustfellow Prods.:

Three monolithic tracks from sludge/doom duo
Recorded 2021 in Cherkasy, Ukraine

Includes two unpublished tracks from US post-metal/doom/stoner warriors (ex-members of Rue, Sofa King Killer and Fistula)
Recorded 2020-2021 in Akron, OH, USA

• white shell cassette with laser engraving
• tarot inspired art meets branded sloth box
• limited to 75 copies only

Order one split MC or subscribe for RSS BOX and collect all five tapes from the Split Series and preview few catchy tracks from each side on this location:

Robust Split Series (RSS) is a completely new direction created and curated by Robustfellow Prods.

For this one the label will acquire an ampoule of Choloepus Didactilus, majestic two-toed sloth. As this sloth has only two toes, so the vinyl and tape have only two sides.

Robust Split Series (Season 1) is a box of 5 cassettes, where each tape includes a band from Ukraine on one side and a band from another country on another side.

Season 1 will be dedicated to sludge/doom and all that’s slow and heavy. 10 bands from 3 continents representing 6 countries will share heaviness via “Robust Split Series” cassette BOX.

Analogue fetish esthetics at it’s best.

Tarot inspired artwork by robust artist Yuri Nagorniy.
RSS logo by Vadim Coolin.
Design by Yuri Kazarian.
Sound engineering by Necromandus.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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