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Russian heavy psychedelic fuzz rock act Holy Watts stream their debut album »Widow’s Son«, a rock ballet in 11 scenes

Moscow, Russia based heavy psychedelic fuzz rock act Holy Watts stream their debut album, »Widow’s Son«, which was just released on May 26th, 2023.

01. Gloom
02. Widow’s Son
03. Witchcraft
04. Dance Of Witch
05. Fight
06. Escape
07. Run
08. Swamp
09. Singing Mushrooms
10. Dawn
11. Curly

Immerse yourself in a fairytale world to the sounds of heavy psychedelic fuzz rock. »The Widow’s Son« is a rock ballet in 11 scenes inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s »The Rite Of Spring«.

Scene 1. Gloom.
Gray rainy morning. The bell tolls. The village people gather for the funeral of the local blacksmith, Ivan’s father . Men with heavy steps carry the coffin. Ivan is extremely depressed by the loss of his father, numb with grief, he watches as the coffin is covered with wet earth.

Scene 2. Widow’s Son.
Ivan does not lose hope and sets off on a journey to a protected meadow with magic mushrooms, which, according to legend, can bring a man back to life. He boldly goes to his goal through meadows, fields and rivers, plays the balalaika and sings. His path lies through the dark dense forest.

Scene 3. Witchcraft.
Night. The edge of the dark forest. In a dilapidated hut, an old witch brews a potion in a huge vat, throws dry herbs, mushrooms, and parts of animals into the boiling slurry. The witch follows the unsuspecting Ivan, leads him to her.

Scene 4. Dance of Witch.
Having finished her witchcraft ritual, the witch starts dancing. She dances her lame dance. At the end of the dance, the old woman takes a squat. The witch is waiting for her victim.

Scene 5. Fight.
Ivan enters into a fight with the witch. There is a fierce fight going on. He cannot cope with a powerful witch and loses strength.

Scene 6. Escape.
Ivan hides from the witch to take a breath. Gathering his strength, he suddenly jumps out and pushes the witch into the burning furnace and closes it there. The witch desperately beats in the furnace, pounds the lid, tries to get out, but to no avail. Ivan runs away from the hut.

Scene 7. Run.
Ivan, without looking back, runs as fast as he can through the forest. He rushes through the windbreak, thorny branches hit him in the face. He stumbles, falls, but each time gets up and continues to run, afraid that the witch might catch up with him.

Scene 8. Swamp.
Running away Ivan suddenly falls into a swamp. He desperately resists, but the swamp inexorably drags him deeper and deeper. When the forces almost leave Ivan, the swamp fairies pull him out of the clutches of the swamp.

Scene 9. Singing Mushrooms.
Ivan wakes up in a glade next to a swamp. The glade is full of huge magic mushrooms. Mushrooms gather around Ivan and sing their magic song to him.

Scene 10. Dawn.
Fascinated by magical singing, Ivan meets the dawn.

Scene 11. Curly.
Ivan returns to his native village, where his father meets him.

Guitar – Misha
Drums – Zhenya
Bass – Serj
Keys and mixing – Floor Is Lava
Live recording – Pentagram House
Art – Vladimir Prokofiev

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