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Salaman Isku’s debut album »Le voyage nocturne« reissued now on CD via Bitume Prods; music video for »L’aurore« streaming!

Debut album »Le voyage nocturne« from psychedelic metal/rock project Salaman Isku was just reissued on CD this Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 via Bitume Prods.

Watch a music video for »L’aurore« below!

01. Le crépuscule
02. L’initiation
03. Le voyage nocturne
04. La contemplation
05. Le rêve
06. L’aurore

Courtesy of Bitume Prods:

The reissue of »Le voyage nocturne« from the Salaman Isku project [Psychedelic Metal / Rock] is now available as CD digisleeve as well as listening on Bandcamp:

»Le voyage nocturne« is an ode to the summer night when the traveler walks under the influence of Mescalito, the old vegetable spirit of the Mexican cactus. At dusk, the traveler enters the sphere of influence of Mescalito and his senses unfold in the nocturnal night even in his dreams. The journey transforms the Being forever. After this initiation, the traveler reborn and returns to the world at dawn as if he is freshly a newborn.

Composed and produced between 2014 and 2016, and released for the first time in self-production in 2017, »Le voyage nocturne« is unleashed again, this time as digisleeve CD via the Bitume label and will be available from the summer solstice, June 21, 2023. The album will also be available on Bandcamp and streaming platforms. The 6 tracks of the album mix elements of metal, with elements of psychedelic rock and folk music. Music inspired by the profound wisdom of Mescalito.

Composition, recording, instruments by Julien J. Neuville.
Mixed and mastered by Buck.
Artwork by V.V. Anxietas.

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