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Spanish stoner rock/heavy psych band Milana released their long-awaited debut album »Milvus«, available now on vinyl and digital format

Mallorca, Spain based stoner rock/heavy psych band Milana stream their long-awaited debut album, »Milvus«, which was just released yesterday, April 14th, 2023.

01. The Last Witch
02. Celestial Bird Spirit
03. Impermanence
04. Lucid Reality
05. Gray City Lights
06. Whispering Wind

Milana is the name of the Bird of Prey that can be seen hovering over the fields of our home Island, a place of spectacular natural beauty and home of amazing landscapes and old legends and lore. From atop, the mystical bird sees all, knows all, and dives down only when the time is right. This is the nature of Milana, which started in the late 2019 as a vessel to expand our awareness and to pass down this legacy – the fuzz way!

Milana is a four-piece composed by David, the founding guy, the fuzzman, the Jimi Hendrix lover, the skater and would be-Californian desert dweller. Then Pedro, full time mystic and philosopher, heavily affected due to massive Led Zeppelin exposure. Guillem, the grumpy metal guy and also bassist to the six-piece doom metal sensation Helevorn and finally Edu, pro filmmaker and skateboarder with encyclopedic knowledge on the stoner front.

Milana home recorded its first demo during the Covid-19 quarantine, fully intended as an inner healing work, and obtained very good reviews on well renowned blogs. In September 2020, as the situation allowed so, Milana hit the stage at the Palma Pop-Rock contest, a legendary event in our home town, and made up to the semifinal through more than 150 contending (and mostly well-established) bands. Not only that, but in the process earned two nominations as the breakout band from two major sponsors.

Milana professionally recorded two songs in winter 2021 in anticipation of a full LP that finally arrived in April 2023.

Order »Milvus« on White/Red Merge, Blue Splatter on Royal Blue Vinyl LP:

All music written by Milana.
Lyrics by Pedro Inglés.
Keyboards by Pedro S.Bonnin.
Slide guitar on »Gray City Lights« by Javi Lopez.
Pre-production drums tech by Jose Ordoñez.
Recorded & mixed by Toni Salva at Diorama Sound (Mallorca).
Produced by David Oliver.
Vocals recordings assisted and co-produced by Marc Vidal at Marc Vidal Studio (Barcelona) Vocals also assisted by Aina Nadal in the pre-recording.
Mastered by Karl Daniel Liden Stockholm (Sweden).
Artwork by Revelation Studio.
Narrative speech of »Grey City Lights« by Howling Wolf (1966), property of their respective owners.

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