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Swedish doom metal band Wizdoom release a music video for the second single »Doomed Fleet« taken from their upcoming debut EP »Trolldoom«

Swedish doom metal band Wizdoom has released a music video for the second single »Doomed Fleet« taken from their upcoming debut EP, »Trolldoom«, out on March 24th, 2023. Listen to »Doomed Fleet« on all major streaming platforms!

Music video by Erik Hansen.

“»Doomed Fleet« is a journey through the sound of Wizdoom! It that takes you from heavy & slow traditional epic doom with powerful vocals, into a 70s style bridge in falsetto, bluesy guitar solo and an energetic ending. The thoughts behind the song was to create something very alive and emotional but still had energy.

Lyrics is about an endless journey and you are afraid to meet the doomed fleet of the dead that might end it, but then you realize that you are the doomed fleet. This is also a metaphor that can be applied to certain things in life that might be a struggle or hard to achieve. I personally love this song and I’m very proud of it!” – Chris. D

Wizdoom is the spark of Chris David (Majestica, Therion live, ex-Captain Crimson) as how blues/doom metal sound in his head. Inspired by fellow wizards Candlemass, Witchcraft, and Joe Bonamassa, Wizdoom crosses over stoner, sludge, and the traditional in honor of the creators of this doom blues that today we call metal.

»Trolldoom« will be available as CD (Digipack) and can pre-ordered at the band’s webstore, where you will also find some cool merchandise!


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