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Swedish heavy/doom metal solo project Mourning Scars premieres new single »The Wayfarer«!

Gothenburg, Sweden based heavy/doom metal solo project Mourning Scars premieres new single »The Wayfarer«.

Listen to »The Wayfarer« on Spotify and all major streaming platforms!

The man behind the project, Richard Wilson, comments: “New single is here! You are all »The Wayfarer«! I am as well. Without going all out pretentious, this is an anthem for everyone who’s struggling with everyday life! We all fight our own battles and you never know what a person you meet is going through, so be humble. Also, don’t let fear or anxiety or apathy or depression be your master!

I was in Berlin a while back and by coincidence I saw this band “Wayfarer” and the next day I stumbled upon the painting »The Wayfarer« by Hieronymus Bosch. It got me thinking about the lyrics to this song. If you know the painting, the cover art is a nod to it.

This is as close as I can get to mid 80’s early 90’s anthemic metal! I can totally hear the end of this song being shouted by 50 thousand kids at a stadium, Iron Maiden-style! Wooh oh oooh, whoo oh oooh oooh! Oh, yeah. Humble. It’s kind of bone head generic metal but that’s what I and most people liked back then and what I love still!

Once again I was all smiles when I heard what Stefan sent me for the solo parts! Dude is on fire! He’s a true champ recording while sick and coming up with this crazy solo! We have a great time sparring and making eachother do better!

If you made it this long, thank you! Please listen/share and comment! Appreciate all the love and support! Big love!”

Mourning Scars have a strong foundation in heavy metal and doom metal. The founder Richard Wilson have a background in Swedish bands Floodhorse and Master Massive.

Born in Skövde, Sweden Richard played in various local heavy metal bands both as a drummer and a singer. He played the drums in the the late 1980’s for bands such as Master Massive, Rebel Kiss and the cover band Alice In Soundgarden.

In 1991 he decided to quit playing drums and focus on vocals and guitar. He started the band Floodhorse with fellow local musician Fredrik Björnstigen. Floodhorse was a grunge/metal band heavily influenced by Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam, but also bands like Helmet, Mindfunk and Black Sabbath.

In the mid 90’s Richard did a few shows as a singer for the band Master Massive as well as recording some demos with the band. In the 2000’s Richard focused on the more mellow and acoustic americana/singer-songwriter band Racingpaperplanes. He did two tours in the USA as well as Germany and Spain. American indie label Tract Records released four of the bands records as well as several EP’s and compilation albums.

Now it’s 2023 and Richard is going back to the roots and that means heavy metal/doom metal!

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