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Swedish rockers Iron Lamb release their new single »Total Noise«, available now on all major streaming platforms

Stockholm, Sweden based rockers Iron Lamb featuring current and former members of Dismember, General Surgery, Grga, Sonic Ritual, Repugnant, Rise And Shine, Martyrdöd, Crashdïet, Dellamorte, Tyrant, Vinterland, Insision, Bombstrike etc. have released their new single »Total Noise« on April 22nd, 2022 via The Sign Records.

»Total Noise« is available now on all major streaming platforms!

Says the band: “New single »Total Noise« out NOW! Play it, add it to your playlists, share it, and DIG IT!! And leave a love and/or hate comment!!”

Courtesy of Freeman Promotions:

Sweden’s Iron Lamb blends classic hard rock, furious heavy metal, and contagious punk rock on their new single »Total Noise«. The first release from the group since their 2018 studio album »Blue Haze«, »Total Noise« is an exhibition of raging groove, rooted in early ’70s krautrock, but with a tougher and more contemporary sound. The single is released through The Sign Records and is a preview of Iron Lamb’s upcoming fourth full-length album.

Johan from Iron Lamb comments: “»Total Noise« is musically rooted in the monotonous and groovy sounds of 70´s rock but with a darker touch. Imagine Hawkwind trying to cure a bad acid trip with some speed. The lyrical theme is a slightly sarcastic exhibition in nihilism, and sums up the concept of Iron Lamb quite well. The world is going to hell and it’s too late for redemption, so what can you do? Dance to the Destruction!”

Upcoming Iron Lamb shows:
23/7 Gbg Action Fest Gothenburg, SWE
17/9 Macken Fest Stockholm, SWE

Iron Lamb – A Quest For Rock & Roll:

Everybody knows rock & roll gained perfection in the late 70’s, it’s a scientific fact. Between them, bands like Thin Lizzy, Ramones, Motörhead and AC/DC found the pure essence of hard music and rolled with it. Since then, punk and metal have gradually been twisted into extreme forms, or watered down to commercial blandness. Eventually, the pure formula was lost, the rock just didn’t roll as it used to. Since its formation in 2009, Iron Lamb has made it their quest to search for that original formula and avoid all the trends of late. They emerged to rock and/or roll.

Photo by Tim Rosenqvist

Iron Lamb was formed by guitarist Johan Wallin, drummer Tomas Daun and vocalist Gustaf Lindström in 2009, soon to be joined by bass player Daniel Ekeroth. As all these members have quite extreme musical backgrounds, in bands such as Repugnant, Insision, General Surgery and Tyrant, it all started out quite punkish. Through a slew of 7” singles and debut album »The Original Sin« they gravitated towards a more riff-based rock, echoing the days of old. The debut gig as openers for punk legends Poison Idea led to a row of strange concerts and tours, where the band stood out as a sore thumb as they appeared alongside bands like Vomitory, Ghost, Turbonegro, Bolt Thrower. It worked, people just seemed to long for direct rock & roll again. You see, they started to remember. Remember metal without clichés and punk without dogmas, a time when the music itself mattered.

The addition of second guitarist Jens Bäckelin opened new doors to Lizzy-esque harmonies, and when gravelly-voiced Daniel Bragman carried on the torch of original singer Gustaf the band took yet another step in the direction of solid rock. Second album »Fools Gold« followed a one-way track into real music in a climate where fixed genres dominated the scenes. In 2015, it was as direct as any rock & roll album out there. Some touring and festival appearances gained them further attention from the punk and metal scenes alike, both genres claiming them as their own. This was not your average retro-band trying to cash in on some traditional style, this was pure music and people recognized it. The rock was rolling again.

Their latest, third studio album »Blue Haze« was released in 2018 and is packed with catchy riffs and grooves that are completely their own. Raw, heavy, catchy, and intense as hell without any of the stereotype patterns or uniforms normally associated with punk and metal genres.

Iron Lamb is here to bring back that pure rock & roll formula, and you are invited for the ride on the apocalypse express. Can you dig it?!

Iron Lamb is:
Daniel Forn Bragman – Vocals
Johan Wallin – Guitar
Jens Bäckelin – Guitar
Daniel Ekeroth – Bass
Thomas Daun – Drums

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