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Tentacula’s sophomore full-length album »Estrella Destruida« out now on CD and vinyl via StoneFree Records

Linz, Austria based psychedelic rockers Tentacula stream their sophomore full-length album, »Estrella Destruida«, which was released on CD and vinyl on March 26th, 2022 via StoneFree Records.

Get »Estrella Destruida« here:

01. Shadows
02. Garaje
03. Estrella Destruida
04. Trip Patterns
05. Birds Whispering
06. No Place For Ponies
07. Warning Signs
08. Creator

All songs written & performed by Tentacula.
All lyrics by Penny Slick Perry, except »Garaje« by Markus Kapeller and »Estrella Destruida« by Penny Slick Perry and Markus Kapeller.

Tentacula is a psychedelic rock band from Linz, Upper Austria. They combine influences from various genres including garage rock, surf, doom and also find inspiration in old italo-western movies.

Release the… eeehmm… Kraken? Or are we talking about another gigantic cosmic creature both divine and demonic whose arrival means the end of the world as we know it?
Well, maybe.

It might also be seen as a symbol that shows the awe and admiration for both the only flying mammal and possibly the smartest creature living in the oceans. In any case also as a hommage to H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and Sir Christopher Lee’s impersonation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Long story short… whatever you may interpret into Tentacula… The name is their program! And this mystical neologism keeps its promise: dark, reverb-drenched melodies and haunting riffs create a refreshing blend, somewhere between dreamy psychedelic- and dirty garage-rock. Spiced up with a very distinct female voice coming from the queen of darkness herself who summons the gods of Liquid Thunder together with her fellow cultists.

Photo by Linda Luse

Their new album »Estrella Destruida« was recorded in May 2021 by Mario Stadler and mixed by Christoph Hehn at Goon-Studios and mastered by Horst Pfaffelmayr at Gold Chamber Mastering.

Artwork, illustration and graphic novel by Aplacefortom.

The video for the album’s second single »Trip Patterns« was shot by Elena K. Richtsfeld somewhere in the woods and ruins around Linz.

Tentacula is:
Penny Slick Perry – Vocals
Markus Kapeller – Guitars
Michael Falkner – Drums
Paul Eidenberger – Guitars
Arthur Darnhofer-Dèmar – Bass

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